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  1. Vicki Lance
    Vicki Lance
    Dont know how to fix the black square under everyone in the house when they move
  2. gaming_amy
  3. Scott123
    Scott123 Mirelly
  4. june vaughn
    june vaughn Vincyclopedia
    could you help me with this
  5. SolidSnake_19
    SolidSnake_19 ManagerJosh
    Heya Josh! ;)
    1. ManagerJosh
      Dec 21, 2015
  6. ManagerJosh
  7. Everborn
    Hiya, Simmers!
  8. KatAnubis
    Help, I can't post replies anymore. I thought it might be because of my new computer, but it's happening on my work computer too.
  9. KatAnubis
    KatAnubis ManagerJosh
    Although I seem to b able to post here, for some reason I can't post on the forum right now. (I recently had to upgrade my computer's hardware and install Windows 7, but it was working when I first got things going again. This just started yesterday Feb 23.) Help.
    1. ManagerJosh
      all forums ? or specific forums?
      Feb 25, 2014
  10. SolidSnake_19
  11. Harajuku-2012
    Harajuku-2012 swmeek
    Hey, could you please help me out?
  12. Harajuku-2012
    BSOD = Very annoying...=|.
  13. THiCKNESS;
  14. Clancy Sinnamon
  15. Clancy Sinnamon
    Clancy Sinnamon
    Hi people this is a notice that my new film ENOUGH is out it is great way for up incomming film makers to see some of my work. Cheers.
  16. Clancy Sinnamon
    Clancy Sinnamon
  17. sallie freeman
    sallie freeman
    Hire character Train skill.
  18. kimberlyLove
    Hey guys I'm brand new here! Hit me Up@
  19. SandyVon
    Life should have been colorful,but it is disturbed by so many external factors.
  20. celiadeng
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