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Nov 7, 2015
    1. Flameback777
      Nope. Only the i5 currently, well not for the last few days as it's been encoding but started again now.

      Might get the PS3 up soon though.

      And perhaps a GPU client if I end up buying a 5850. My poor 9600 will probably die otherwise. :P
    2. swmeek
      so you're not running a gpu client or are you running it off the gpu part of the cpu? (can you do that I wonder)
    3. Flameback777
      i5-750 @ 4GHz
    4. swmeek
      LOL the ps3 would be a neat little addition to your Folding.
      What are you using now ?
    5. Flameback777
      Didn't notice the small "Notifications" box up the top. If ever in doubt, send a PM, I think they still show a pop up.

      288 now. I need to get one of those AMD 6 core CPUs so I can fold more! Or set up the PS3, but my power bill is already high enough! :P
    6. swmeek
      by putting the -Stephanie in your Folding ID you're showing support for Scott's daughter Stephanie who has Hodgkin's disease.
      I was beginning to think you hadn't seen this! :ducks:
    7. Flameback777
      Number 382 on the list so far! :P

      What is -stephanie for anyway?
    8. swmeek
      would you by chance be interested in Folding for [URL="http://www.Bjorn3D.com"]www.Bjorn3D.com[/URL]
      CRAP I forgot you gotta have a US address for most of the prize contests as they don't do international addresses because most of the companies who provide the prizes won't ship overseas.
      You could still Fold for us if you want to.
      If you do put the -stephanie at the end of your user name and you'll be notcied when they do the Folding contests.
      Or you could Fold under my name if you want. :ducks:
      Thanks Flamey
    9. swmeek
    10. Jam1234
      Hi do you know about spore?
    11. EssenceOfOnyxx
      Hey Flameback, can u please help me with a problem?? Iv'e built hotels and I cannot get my sims checked in... When I have a sim check in the prompt comes up about reserving a room but when I try to click on the door of a room, I get the "action not available" prompt. What is going on??? I don't even know how to set price ranges. I'm having similar problems with building apartments. Please help...
    12. JustJ
      Hi Flameback,
      Im new to Sims3 as of today, and Ive created my Sims and started to decorate my house with my partner I created and I noticed that they are talking in some foreign language. I selected English/United States as my language but they are not speaking english. Do you know what I can do? Ive already purchased a house and gained some other points but can not find where I can reset the language in side the game. All writing is coming out in English. Also, I never received my $10.00 worth of Sims Points for registering today. Who do I report that too please? Sorry I have so many questions but wasnt sure where to ask these questions. Please help. Thank you.
    13. hugzncuddles
      Hi Flamey! What have you been up to lately? :p
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