More Expensive Tickets 1.0

Enhancing Barriers to Entry

  1. Wee Albet
    BarriertoEntryStation_zps3d3a49d7.jpg Hello everyone! I’m back with another mod! This one is to make the tickets purchased from the Barrier to Entry System more expensive for Sims to purchase. You WILL need that item for this mod to work.

    In my game I like to have different items or areas broken up by the colour of the ticket but thought that $10 to use these areas was far too cheap. I will often use this in gyms and art galleries or to create a more ‘exclusive’ area within community lots. The price of the ticket should reflect these areas. So, here are the changed values!


    Blue Ticket: $150
    Red Ticket: $100
    Green Ticket: $50
    Yellow Ticket: $20

    I also reduced the length of time that a ticket is active for to 12 in-game hours.
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