More Skaters! 1.0

More fun at the Winter Festival

  1. Wee Albet
    Hello everyone! When I first made my More Realistic Dining mod I became curious to see what else I could do. I was sat playing with a Sim and he was at the Winter Festival and I wanted him to go skating. The only problem was the rink was full. So I looked around the files to see if I could change things and I could! These changes should effect both the Roller Blading and Ice Skating rink

    Here are the changes that I made to the rinks:

    Small Rinks
    Up to 8 Sims can skate at once.

    Large Rinks
    12 Sims can skate on the outer circle
    6 Sims can skate on the inner circle.

    The Zip file has two files in it, one for the large and one for the small rinks. Just plop them both into your Mods>Packages folder and that’s you. Enjoy
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