Troubleshooting Backing up my custom content before redoing my game and adding exp packs

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by lorelei92950, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    Trying to keep my questions one at a time...but it's hard for me to keep things simple :(

    Before I uninstall everything I know I need to back up my game, as in Documents-->EA Games including Downloads with my custom content (I do this every couple days anyway) before I uninstall everything, OR

    I should FIRST back up that Download file separately (Documents-->EA Games-->Sims 2-->Downloads) then DELETE the Download folder under Sims 2. THEN backup the EA Games itself as above in my first paragraph except the Downloads folder would not be there but would be backed up separately. :unsure: This was advise offered on this forum or another, but I'm just not sure.

    I assume when I have uninstalled all games and exp packs (and patches?) that I would re-install VERY carefully the basic Sims 2, then exp packs and stuff packs, then patches and THEN the backed up Downloads folder?
  2. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

  3. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    "Saves folder" is when I back up EA Games itself from my Documents file? I haven't heard that expression before that's why I'm checking. I'm bookmarking this link too.
  4. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    There is a specific part of the TS2 file called "saves" that has all your games in it. It's separate from your downloads file (which is also a specific part of the TS2 file.) Do not back up the entire "EA Games" file or you've done way too much. As Steve said, backup your downloads file and your saved games file and it usually covers pretty much all of what you need. (If you have specific cameras, you might want to save those too, but that's pretty specialized.) If you want to really make sure that you save "everything" then just save the TS2 file that's in the EA Games file. (The actual game is not in My Documents but is in a separate file on the C: drive. Don't mess with that one without specific instructions. There are some "global" files such as one which changes the lighting which use that file, but frankly, I don't recommend it.)
  5. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    Okay when I look under the EA Games file it has both Sims 2 and the Sims 2 Store Edition. So do I just save the Sims 2 folder under EA Games or both Sims 2 and the Sims 2 Store Edition.

    When I look inside Sims 2 there is Downloads, of course, and then something called "saved Sims"--is that what you're talking about? I don't see anything saying just "saves". I've opened the Saved Sims folder before and couldn't make heads or tails of it at the time...

    As for the other, sadly, I learned the hard way over a year ago that I was backing up the wrong EA Games at one time (the one under Programs), so lost all my Sims when something went wrong.

    So now I'm just trying to get up my nerve, after I back up, to uninstall everything and reinstall it along with the added exp packs and collections I haven't installed up 'til now.
  6. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    It's not Saved Sims that you want (unless you have Sims you've saved that you want to continue to save.) It should have a "saved games" or something like that. Check your "store Edition" to see if you have it there. (The "Store Edition" may have them instead of the regular TS2 file. That's something that wasn't around when most of us were playing Sims2.)
  7. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    I checked the Store Edition the only thing there is Downloads and Packed (whatever that is)> Inside the Downloads folder there are the folders Objects and Skins, they're both empty.

    I looked again in Sims 2. Here is what I have:


    I used to package lots when I had my old Sims 2, but I never figured out what they really were or how to use them. So I quit doing it. The same for "Saved Sims". There seemed to be no way to get to them nor did I know how to use them or even if I needed them. Kinda like the photos I used to take in game (not screen shots). You can't access them later like you can with movies. You can only look at them in game and they are small. So I quite taking pictures that way.

    Naturally, I would have to be the one weirdo who does NOT have the right folder (the savedgames one). I wonder if this means that my backups of EA Games are useless. Although I once hit move instead of save and had to use what I'd just backed up to repair my game. It went fine.
  8. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    I take it back...under The Sims 2 Store Editions there are two folders "Downloads" and "Packed". But they are not empty. In both folders it has "Objects" and "Skins". At any rate, there is no "saved games" there. :(
  9. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

    That is odd.
    The only thing i could suggest is going into your (my)documents folder and look for the search button and try searching for the saves folder manually.
    It has to be there otherwise you'd have never been able to load your saved games.
  10. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    I didn't find "saves" or "saved games" with search under Documents. But just scouting around on my own under "Owner" I found "Saved Games". under that was

    Microsoft Games
    Text Twist

    Under Sims2MyMovies is EA Games, under that is The Sims 2 and again, The Sims 2 Store Edition. Under Sims 2 are the same folders except not the CEP one. And there is no saved games or saves there either. In addition, I looked through the movies and they are all movies from my first Sims 2 incarnation that I lost before, so it is not even the right TS2.

    So I think that "Saved Games" is actually a folder I made myself long ago, with an unfortunate name I chose. I don't understand why this has become such a nightmare. If I have to have that folder and it's not here--how is my game playing okay?
  11. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    And if it IS my old TS2 I don't know HOW the store edition got in there. I never even added OFB until I had the new updated TS2 all set up.
    Now I'm afraid to move anything or add anything.
  12. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    I'm thinking now that all backups I have made and might make are useless without this folder you save I need. But when I save a lot when I leave, where does THAT go?
  13. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    It's got to be in there somewhere. I think I now understand why you're saving the entire EAGames folder. Good thing you have good backup media!
  14. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    I'm still looking for saves or savedgames in Documents. My search thing has never worked for me. It always finds nothing. No different this time. I mean, it can't even find files I KNOW are in there. I'm using zip drives to back up my stuff. But now I'm thinking I've been living in a fool's paradise: If savedgames or saves is not under EA Games, than I have nothing. I mean I do need to save "Downloads" (my custom content) and I need to save "SavedSims" because in there are all the recolors of Maxis clothes and hair I have made for myself, but if there is no saves folder and I have to have that, than my backups are worthless.

    I'm actually getting nauseous at the thought...
  15. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    Don't use a search function to find the file. Go to your MyDocuments, then open EA GAmes, then open TS2. You should find something about saved games or neighborhoods or something like that. I don't currently have TS2 installed, or I'd go there and find out exactly what the name of the blasted file was! There must be some way of helping you find the correct files.

    By all means, save the "Saved Sims" file if you have things you've saved in it. (And of course, downloads.)

    Your saved games are in there somewhere. If you've saved the entire EAGames file, it's got to be there. (The only problem with saving that entire file is that it's so big and it's not necessary usually to save the whole thing.) And you only need the most recent backup (unless you really want to save old things, but it would be good to date label it so that you know the difference.)
  16. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    I was using the search function because swmeek suggested it:

    "That is odd.
    The only thing i could suggest is going into your (my)documents folder and look for the search button and try searching for the saves folder manually.
    It has to be there otherwise you'd have never been able to load your saved games"

    But anyway, please believe me I HAVE gone into TS2 twenty times. The folders in there are as I listed above. Maybe it has been named something else by a later EP? If I did have the folder SavedSims what would I find in it? Maybe I can recognize it by that.

    I myself did not know what was in the SavedSims file (it was always empty until I started recoloring I guess) but when I checked it what I found was package files of some of my recolors. So I assume that Body Shop saves them to there AND in Projects. Because in Projects there are the folders for most or all of my recolored outfit or hair. There are no Sims in there though, even though I know I saved some cloned Sims in Create a Sim.

    I just re-read your answer and you mentioned "Neighborhoods" which I looked at before and listed but it didn't have anything in it that indicated to me it was what we were looking for. I'll go check it out.
  17. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    I think I might have hit pay dirt. Here is what is under Neighborhoods:

    Neighborhood Manager

    Under F001 are these folders:
    F001_Neighborhood PACKAGE file
    F001_Neighborhood PNG file
    F001_Neighborhood REIA file
    F001_Suburb001 PACKAGE
    F001_Suburb001 PNG file
    F001_Suburb002 PACKAGE file
    F001_Suburb002 PNG File

    The same for G001, N001, N002, N003 except N001 has additional files on Vacation and University. Could this be what I've been looking for?
  18. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    The saved files are in the Neighborhood file. Each file (G001) is everything for that neighborhood: houses, Sims, etc. So backing up the neighborhood file is the important one. (I didn't see the things you had posted in between. Sorry about that or I would have been able to answer you sooner.)
  19. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    Yay! So my saved games/files are there after all. So happy, now I can possibly add AL, Pets and NL--thanks so much! (y)

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