Troubleshooting Before Installing an Expansion Pack (eg University, Nightlife)

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by Mirelly, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. Mirelly

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    Before Installing an Expansion Pack (eg University, Nightlife, Open for Businuess)

    Many players have gotten in deep trouble installing University. It is safe to assume that the future expansion packs (eg Nightlife) are highly likely to cause similar problems when it appears.

    What follows is a breakdown of the best steps to take before, during and after installing an Expansion Pack

    Abbreviations used here include:-
    EP -- expansion pack (for example university, Nightlife)
    TS2 - The Sims 2
    S2U - The Sims 2: University Expansion Pack
    S2N - The Sims 2: Nightlife Expansion Pack

    Before Installing

    Prepare Your Game Files and Computer For The Expansion First
    1. Play each family that is important to you so that you can be sure to save each family so that all members are home and no visitors are on the lot. Best advice is to save at 5:00 am (game time - not real time :eek:)
    2. Try to avoid saving families with unresolved problems for example:-
      • sim about to grow up
      • sim(s) at work/school
      • honeymooners not present
      • waiting for a nanny or taxi etc.
      • outstanding repo man or social worker warnings.
    3. If you pay very careful attention to the first two items you will have far fewer problems than if you ignore them.
    4. When you are happy that all your important families are safely saved ...
    5. Back Up Your Saved Games - Don't know how? -click here
    6. Delete your downloads folder - Don't know how? -click here
    7. Check that your display drivers are up to date - Don't know how? -click here
    8. Finally run a hard drive analysis and defrag if recommended - Don't know how? -click here
    9. Congratulations! Your PC is now utterly ready to receive a new Sims 2 expansion pack!
    During The Installation Procedure

    1. Before you do anything open the game pack and check that you have:
      • The right number of discs (a disc named "Disc One" means there should be a "Disc Two" :rolleyes: )
      • An instruction manual (also called an instruction book)
      • A serial number printed on the back of the manual - typically the serial number is 5 groups of 4 letters and/or numbers 20 in all - Warning Serial numbers should never be shared because it is piracy and is therefore illegal everywhere
    2. Read The Instructions for Installing The Game they are very brief and very simple and you have already done most of it. Read it anyway.
    3. While installing the expansion do NOT go raid the fridge for a soda. Nor may you phone a friend. Concentrate. If the job takes longer than 10 or 15 minutes your computer is not really up to playing the darn game anyway, and besides wasting 10 minutes now will save you hours later when you have ginormous mess to fix! You've been warned!
    4. During installation you may get messages to read that will explain or warn about changes that cannot be undone. Make sure you understand the consequences of clicking the [OK] button. It is YOUR responsibility to pay attention and to take some care.
    After Installation Has Finished

    Whoa there. Steady. Take it slow. If you paid attention during installation you should now be feeling a little worried about your precious sims. If you aren't worried you probably weren't paying attention or your are too trusting. It is normal to worry about your sims. Did they get fried or scrambled? You want to know. You are impatient to try out all the new objects and hairstyles ... we're all the same! But the clever bunnies take it slow. So must YOU!!
    1. First run the game and try out one of the new neighborhoods (eg a University Campus) Just make sure that the game works properly, doesn't crash. Now is a good time to hit the max speed button and go stuff your face. let the game run while your gone. If that works close the game down and go onto item #2.
    2. Time to return your downloads to the saved games folder. These will be in the back up copy that made. Right?
      • Downloaded clothing should work without any problem and is unlikely to cause problems
      • The same goes for floors and walls that were made with Homecrafter
      • New objects, recolored objects, new meshes, game hacks and mods. All these should be left out until you have checked with the maker regarding compatibility.
      • JMPescado's hacks and mods can be checked up here
      • If you cannot remember where your stuff came from then you will have to add a few (say 5 items at a time and play the game to check they all work before adding a few more.
      • More advice and links to added
    OK That's it. This is a closed thread. If you have any comments please PM me (Mirelly) especially regarding errors.

    Mods, please feel free to correct and alter and add footnotes linked from the top without reference to me.

    NOTE - Any "click here" text, above, that doesn't work isn't a broken link, it is just waiting for its target to be finished and posted. Please check back later.
  2. Mirelly

    Mirelly Active Member

    Backing Up User Data (Saved Games)

    The Maxis Read Me File (Start >> All Programs >> EA Games >> The Sims 2 >> Read Me) has this to say about backing up user files (or, in other words, saved games)

    This product will create saved games in a different format from your currently installed games. As a result, when uninstalling your most recent expansion pack, the uninstaller will delete all saved games as they will be unreadable by previous versions, including The Sims 2 base game.
    We recommend that you back up your current saved games before installing The Sims 2 University, if you think you will want to go back to previous versions of The Sims 2.
    Then you can restore these saved versions in order to play The Sims 2 base game.

    Here's how:

    1) Find your saved games on your computer.
    By default, Sims 2 saved games are kept in
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\EA GAMES
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2.
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2.
    Saved games for other users on your computer are stored under their respective username folder. Don't worry if the "All Users" folder for The Sims 2 is empty on your computer; it may not have been used for this version of the Expansion Packs or The Sims 2.

    2) Copy these files and folders to a safe location on your computer. Because you may have many files to store, we recommend compressing them using a file compression utility, or burning them to a CD.

    3) If you uninstall The Sims 2 University and wish to play a previous Sims 2 product, such as The Sims 2 base game, just copy these backed up user data files back into the same locations listed above.
    Extra Notes
    The best way to copy a folder is to right click on it and choose "Copy"
    To save the copy you just made you need to 'Paste' it somewhere You desktop screen is an easy to find place. Again right click blank part of the screen and choose "Paste" (not Paste Shortcut which is not the same) The files are many and large and the copying process will take quite a while. You should see a windows progress meter while the copying is being done.
  3. Mirelly

    Mirelly Active Member

    Don't know how to make a back up? click here

    1) First find your Back Up Copy of your Sims 2 folders and check to see that you have a folder there called downloads with files inside it. Good. Close that folder again. Don't mess with it at all for now.

    NOTE: there will not be a downloads folder if you haven't downloaded anything from The Sims 2 website or any other website or made any items yourself using bodyshop and a paint program.

    2) OK Now find your saved games folder on your computer.

    C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\EA GAMES

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 (might be empty/not exist)

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims (might be empty/not exist)

    Look for all three of the above, if found open the folder and check inside for a folder called Downloads. Select it and...

    from the File menu choose Delete ...
    or else right click the folder and choose delete.

    (If you want to be really cautious instead of deleting you can ...

    from the Edit menu choose "Move To Folder" ...
    but remember that you already have a copy of everything, right? ;)
  4. Mirelly

    Mirelly Active Member


    1. Click The Start Button
    2. Point to "All Programs"
    3. Point to "Accessories"
    4. Point to "System Tools"
    5. Double click "Disk Defragmenter"
    The program will open. Choose the drive (Volume) that you want to check.

    Usually this will be C: Make sure it highlighted and then click the
    "Analyze" button

    After a time the program will report and tell you if defragmenting is recommended. You should follow the advice.

    NOTE: Defragmenting a large disc can take a long time. Hours.

    IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to defragment a disc if there is a very low amount of unused space. A disc with less than 10% free space is likely to perform poorly and may fail properly to degragment. Consider deleting files that are no longer required ... or else move them to recordable CD's
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