Troubleshooting Bon Voyage questions

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by kachna_ff, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. kachna_ff

    kachna_ff New Member

    Bon Voyage questions

    Tried to look in other threads but didn't really find an answer to my question. So I'm starting a new one

    I want to buy Bon Voyage, but I see that if you have Vista you need 2GHZ processor, I only have 1.6! Have anybody try to play with a lower processor? I did it on my old computer, where I had XP and my memory was to low, I could play but was sluggish.

    Here are my full specs:

    Processor - Intel Pentium D Dual Core Processor 1.6 GHz
    Memory - 1024 MB (1 GB) (DDR2 677 MHz) - Maximum Supported 4gb (4 slots)
    Optical Drive - DVD +/- RW x16 - re write to DVD and CD
    Hard Drive - 250gb (7200rpm)
    13 in 1 Multimedia Card reader
    Graphics - Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 (Integrated)
    Audio - Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
    Operating System - Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

    If anybody can advise if I should risk buying Bon Voyage please do!!!!

  2. Mirelly

    Mirelly Active Member

    With integrated graphics as well. :(

    The might work, on your computer. Have you got any of the game already running on that computer?

    Look you have a duo core processor. Vista programs will be able to use the duo core technology so that your 1.6 GHz processors (yes you have two!) make your effective processor speed 3.2 GHz. This only applies to software written for Vista/multi core processors. The Sims 2 wasn't. So game performance will be only as good as the baseline clock speed ... in your case 1.6 GHz.)

    Note you computer has integrated graphics which will use up some of your 1 GB of memory. IMO 1GB is not nearly enough to play The Sims 2 franchise with a Vista computer even if you have separate video memory ... which you don't have, of course.

    I am afraid that what you have there is last Christmas's cheap manager's special. It'll be fantastic for lost of things, but running the Sims 2 isn't one of them.

    Please tell us if you have installed the base game (The Sims 2) on that computer and how well it plays. This will help me to give you an idea as to how it might cope with BV.

    Also say what other expansion packs you have (eg Seasons/Pets, etc.)
  3. kachna_ff

    kachna_ff New Member

    Yep, I have sims2 with university, open for business and seasons, runs perfectly ok at the moment
    I read on the forum some people have problems with seasons, when the sprinklers are on and such, but mine is running perfectly ok :p

    So what you think? should I risk it? what about graphics, would that
    be a problem?
  4. kennyinbmore

    kennyinbmore New Member

    Kachna I have Seasons and run it on a 1.8ghz Sempron processor and I don't have any problems other than slight lag when it changes from night to day. I also have integrated graphics(although that's about to change). You shouldn't have any problems with Seasons other than occasional lag. I've never noticed any lag when the sprinklers come on in the O'Mackey greenhouse. My suggestion thoug woudl be to get more RAM and add a stand alone graphics card at some point
  5. Vchat20

    Vchat20 New Member

    As far as the integrated graphics are concerned, The Intel X3100 line is certainly nothing to sneeze at. By no means is it equivalent to current gen Nvidia or ATI cards, but it is certainly not as low end as what many may expect from Intel's past rep with their video cards. The LARGEST improvement on these is Intel has finally added hardware T&L support in the latest generation of graphics adapters which I'm sure both the set system requirements for TS2 and some players have even attested to is one of the huge killers.

    But yes, the fact it's going to be using a chunk of the system ram, you are running vista, and the 1GB of ram, is all gonna probably be an issue. Try it and see. You may very well find your system will handle it without breaking a sweat. Who knows. But to err on the side of caution, it'd be worth your time to upgrade to at least 2GB or more of ram to give the system more 'breathing room'. Often systems like that have no room for any sort of graphics card expansion so the ram would be your best option.

    To add my own anecdote, I currently run TS2 plus all the expansions up to Bon Voyage on my laptop here (specs in my sig btw) which has the last gen of intel graphics adapters in it with software T&L and while it does get taxed pretty good, I haven't had it lag badly enough that it becomes cumbersome to play. And this is at 1024x768 with most settings on med. or high.

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