cheats !!!!!!!!!!!!! cheats !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by tinny2, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. tinny2

    tinny2 New Member

    cheats !!!!!!!!!!!!! cheats !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :D does any body knows the cheat for teenage babies :D
    :rolleyes: here is a cheat for a car maxmotives i dont know if it works or not but i thought i might aswel tell you's:rolleyes:
    :p tinny2:p
  2. Lynet

    Lynet New Member

    No one here will answer that question for you Tinny. If they do, they will be banned.
  3. Condraz23

    Condraz23 New Member

    I never knew we weren't allowed to post cheats on this message board.
  4. jupitershana

    jupitershana Kitty Fanatic!

    You can post cheats, just not a cheat for a teenager to get pregnant. :D Or anything that might change the game from it's Teen rating.

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