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SimCity 4 Confirmed Bugs

Discussion in 'SimCity Legacy' started by ManagerJosh, Jan 21, 2003.

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  1. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    Confirmed Bugs

    Thanks to our affiliate SimPage.net for the list of bugs..

    1) When zoning, automatic streets are charged at the price of the zone, not the street. Streets are much less than 50, and the user isn't actually getting the zone they selected in that particular location.
    2) The platforms that are built to make buildings level don't have shadows, which causes some odd effects in certain situations.
    3) Placing a road over an existing road will charge you for the road again even if no changes are made. The same is true for rails.
    4) The game will zone 1x3 residential "pieces" (with the line drawn around them) when zoomed all the way in. When zoomed a bit further out, it makes them larger than 1x3 and they don't seem to ever develop.
    5) When traffic is present on the crossing street, only the first vehicle will advance through a green light. The other vehicles stop at the intersection as though they were waiting for the crossing traffic to go first.
    6) The game allows the plopping of trees in odd places, such as on paved areas of the seaport.
    7) If you start construction of a bridge, placing individual road tiles elsewhere on the map will cause you to be charged the full bridge price for each tile. This will continue to happen until you attempt to build a longer section of road, at which point the game realizes its error and offers the road segments at the normal price.
    8) The game always logs the BPP as 16 bit, even when 32 bit is selected and supported by the machine in question. Some users complain that the game texture have a grainy 16-bit look to them.
    9) If you mouse over empty spaces within the cloverleaf, such as the empty middle areas of the interchange, with the bulldozer tool, the game will tell you that it will cost 0 to bulldoze what appears to be nothing. Upon clicking, the mouse cursor gets warped to the nearest tile that the cloverleaf visibly occupies and the mayor is charged 100 as the cloverleaf is demolished.
    10) The radii displayed in the data views don't reflect the actual radii for individual buildings if the funding is changed while the particular data's view is selected. You must first select another set of data to view and the radii will be updated when you return.

    If you have any bugs, please post a new thread. Once confirmed, this list will be updated.
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