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News FreeTime patch official release!

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by Judhudson, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Judhudson

    Judhudson is a Hi-Tech Redneck

    FreeTime patch official release!

    Just yesterday, an un-official release of the FreeTime patch could be found. Now, the official Sims 2 site has it up to download. If you are having issues with the game, then you might need this patch. It fixes a total of 34 issues.

    • Sims will now remember which side of the bed is theirs to sleep on.
    • Crash will no longer occur when users attempt to load another lot while associating a neighborhood using the Advanced Neighborhood Options panel.
    • "Neon Flamingo" is no longer missing from Buy Mode.
    • In Audio Options, Custom Station icon no longer blocks the Stop button.
    • University Service NPCs are now able to join a dance contest in a Secret Hobby lot if they are not on the job.
    • Sims will no longer pop back onto the screen when Sims walk to a Secret Hobby Lot.
    • "Electrono-Ticket Machine" will now correctly turn off when you move a Home Buisness lot into the Lots and Houses Bin.
    • Saved lots with an in progress dance contest will now reset correctly when placed into the Lots and Houses Bin.
    • Sims can now watch UFOs with the "Astrowonder Telescope".
    • Sims can no longer mark items for sale on top of the "Upright Pottery Wheel by QuicKraft".
    • Iconic Hobbyist NPCs can now be reached by telephone after meeting them.
    • "Socialus Butterfly" can now be caught for the Bug Collection.
    • Sims will no longer teleport when you cancel the walk home interaction in a community lot.
    • Primp interaction is no longer missing from the game.
    • First woohoo memory will now occur when Sims woohoo for the first time in a tent.
    • The reduced bladder effect from the "ShowMeOff Rack of Glory" will now trigger correctly when Sims are in range.
    • Career outfits are now hidden in Create-A-Family.
    • Sims reading a book from the cooking genre will now correctly gain Cuisine Enthusiasm.
    • Preoccupation will now work correctly at level 10.
    • Pets will no longer chew or scratch cribs if they are in use.
    • Garden Club members are now treated as townies.
    • Afhairmediumcenterpart hair will now appear correctly in Create-A-Family.
    • "Carefree Koi Pond by Simulated Life" no longer displays an enviornment score.
    • Teen and Child Sims will no longer receive the unachievable Bird Watch Want.
    • College Grades in German, French, Polish, and Brazilian Portugeuse is now displayed correctly.
    • The Sims 2 FreeTime credit section has been correctly updated.
    • Violin Tip Jar will no longer cause an unusable tile after being picked up.
    • Child Sims will no longer pop when asked to "Clean Up" the juice tray.
    • Vampire Sim can no longer receive a Want to turn Bigfoot into a Vampire.
    • Using the Draft Scene interaction will no longer apply a sketch filter to in-game camera snapshots.
    • Motive decay on the "H-O-R-S-E of course Basket Ball Hoop", "The Goal of Paul", "Teeny Tikes Activity Table", and "One Man's Junk Car from Mechanically Minded" objects and Go Hiking interaction has been retuned.
    • "Basic Blue" and "Gripping Green" wallpapers will now appear in Build Mode.
    • Sims will no longer receive a phone call for magazine subscription at level 2 Hobby Enthusiasm.
  2. Mirelly

    Mirelly Active Member

    Which is all very well, except that hobby NPCs are always "at home" on the hobby lot and so could always be reached anyway by taking a short walk to visit them. Meanwhile we get no acknowledgement that the complete breakage of the phone system exists in that lovesick teens can't find the paper girl in the phone book; and neither can their parents find a way to call up Lucy or Remington to pop over for a bit of "how's your father" while the significant other is at work.

    Methinks I'll stick to my reliable (and surprisingly unawesome) hack. :rolleyes:
  3. sailorchiiavalon

    sailorchiiavalon Addicted to Sims 2!

    Shame :(

    Thank you for linking to the patch Jud!
  4. Judhudson

    Judhudson is a Hi-Tech Redneck

    you're welcome!
  5. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

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