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SimCity Societies Frustrations with Unhappy SIMs

Discussion in 'SimCity Legacy' started by Father Azerun, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Father Azerun

    Father Azerun New Member

    Frustrations with Unhappy SIMs

    Thankfully I generally have had almost no unhappy people; the first time I got a total of 15 that were unhappy and I just for the life of me could not track them down -- eventually I figured out I had made a monastery too close to the water, and although it let me build and said teh opening of the building was fine, my poor monks apparently feared water and would never come out of their building. A demolish and reposition fixed it.

    Now I have a set of a small number (like 6 or so) unhappy folks and I'll be damned if I can find them. turning off the mood indicator and clicking on the negative happy faces yields nothing -- I fly by the city and can't find a single unhappy sim to save my life. :p Is there ANY way besides randomly clicking on sims and going form tenant to tenant to find these guys?

    VERY frustrating.

    My thanks!
  2. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    AFAIK, there is no such way.
  3. bearblue

    bearblue New Member

    I can completely understand the frustration. One thing I wished they'd done is allow the click and follow with the mood monitor. Thus, if I click on an unhappy face, I should have been able to directly target the unhappy person.

    After awhile I started just tracking them and figured out it was usually illness that cranked up my sims. So I started planted clinics and viola, better, happier sims.

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