Help! Final Exam Problem

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by Ace, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Ace

    Ace New Member

    Help! Final Exam Problem

    I've been having a problem with University. My Sims go their final exams and when they come back it says they have missed their final exam. I've tried cancelling out the prompt and manually sending them to their exams but the same thing happens. I've exited and restarted too but that doesn't help either. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Mirelly

    Mirelly Active Member

  3. MegRen

    MegRen New Member

  4. Ace

    Ace New Member

    Yes, I am fully patched.

    Thanks MegRen. That sounds exactly like what is happening to me. Thanks for the link. At least now I know how to work around the problem.
  5. jupitershana

    jupitershana Kitty Fanatic!

    I had the same issue with several of my sims who recently graduated. Most of them had high enough levels for their grade that it didn't make a difference, but it did worry me, especially since I was fully patched. Thanks for posting that information Meg!
  6. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    If you want to avoid that you can download the college timer from Pescado's site. I can't remember if it's his mod or TwoJeff's. Anyway, it lets you choose when to have your final.

    Sometimes if I have a sim who's already clearly getting an A+ I'll go ahead and let them take their final. Or even if they're just doing all right, if it's a sim who doesn't care about grades.

    I've got too many sims in college right now ... all my own fault, I know.

    Self edit: I'm pretty sure the hack is by Pescado. I didn't get any sleep last night so I'm a bit punchy today.
  7. jupitershana

    jupitershana Kitty Fanatic!

    I have the college clock, but if you don't time it right, it can still you that message. Just have to make sure they aren't supoosed to go to class at the same time they have their final.
  8. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    This is something new that cropped up with the recent patch. I had it happen as well as several of the other SimMasters. MaxoidKane has informed the team which works on future patches.

    It happens when there is an overlap between when a class would have occurred and when the final occurs. The game thinks that you've sent the person to class instead of to the final.

    Another related oddity is that sometimes instead of the "send to class" note a student may get the "go to final exam" instead, even when the exam shouldn't start for 6-7 hours.

    But as I said, it's a glitch which appeared when they gave us the second Nightlife patch, but Maxis has been informed. I suspect that it's something that will either be fixed with the first OFB patch, if one is needed although they may do something separate similar to what they did for Uni for people who didn't get Nightlife.
  9. Evenre94

    Evenre94 New Member

    Sometimes, I dream about missing my exam and it is terrible. I have been preparing for my exam for a very long time now. I keep looking for MBE Practice Questions online in order to improve my accuracy and speed. I cannot afford to miss my exam at all.

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