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Troubleshooting Hmmm... there's a lake in my road.

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by Maddikins, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Maddikins

    Maddikins New Member

    Hmmm... there's a lake in my road.

    So I was editing houses and moving them around in my neighborhood, and suddenly these two lakes showed up in the middle of my roads. I can't put a lot or house down to get rid of them, and they're severely cramping the amount of space I need for my neighborhood.

    Is there any way to get rid of the darned lakes and put my houses down again? I've attached a few pictures of the area to show you the problem... thanks!

    (For the record, I don't have Sim City 4. I know you can edit neighborhoods and stuff there, but... yeah. Don't have it. I do have SimPe though, if that's any help.)

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  2. Lynet

    Lynet New Member

    All I can offer is sympathy. I have no solution. I'm afraid to suggest anything for fear of making matters worse. :(

    However, I thought that by responding to your post I might keep it active until someone who does know of a possible solution comes along.

    I downloaded a house once and, fortunately, tested it in a blank neighborhood. It flooded the roads all around it. I deleted the entire neighborhood and got rid of that download.

    I got the impression with that house of mine, which had a creek along the back of the property, that any lot that has water or ponds in it could cause problems.
  3. Maddikins

    Maddikins New Member

    I actually managed to get the roads back up again by shifting houses until the roads around them moved... but then of course I got myself in a jam again. *sigh*
  4. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    That's a very nice neighbourhood, I have to say.

    Like Lynet was hinting, maybe it's a bad download that's causing the problem? Do the lakes move around if you move a specific house around? If it does, then it's probably that house that's causing the problem and you should try deleting it to see if the lakes go away.

    If that's not the problem, then the only thing I can think of is to move all your houses (that you want to save) into the House Bin and then deleting the bad neighbourhood and making another one. Because the houses are saved in the house bin, you can place them where ever you want in your new (and hopefully lake free) neighbourhood. But that would mean deleting the lovely neighbourhood you (most likely) worked hard on to make. :(
  5. Maddikins

    Maddikins New Member

    Thank you! I did download most of the houses and sometimes they did leave the lakes behind (very irritating). I probably will end up moving the houses to a new neighborhood because it's not that hard to recreate and it will give me the advantage of flatter land to put more houses in.

    I do have one question about moving families -- I'm at the point where the second generation in one of my families has grown up and moved out on their own. One is an adult with his own home, and two are college students that share a lot. When I move the houses, will the three households still recognize one another as family, or do I have to wait to graduate the girls and move them all to one house before moving?
  6. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    Once you're family, you're family. So move away.

    I had a problem with a lake in the road once, too. I just decided to live with it. It's annoying, though, isn't it.
  7. Maddikins

    Maddikins New Member

    Extremely! Thank you all for your help. :)
  8. Sacharissa

    Sacharissa New Member

    WARNING! WARNING! If you are planning on moving existing families to a different neighborhood, be warned! This has been know to really hose up your game! Just didn't want you to have to deal with the GBFBVFS! (Great Big Fireball Visible From Space). It is not a pretty picture!
  9. Odinmoon

    Odinmoon Creator of organised mess

    If you move a family to another neighborhood you should lose all contacts from previous neighborhood.
  10. DSBUFF

    DSBUFF New Member

    hmm haven't played Sims 2 in a while. Ive been playing the more uptodate version of the sims called the Sims 3. as far as I recall I don't think I ever had that issue when I was playing the sims 2. sorry I couldn't offer any ideas.

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