How Do I ????how do take a ride in a helicopter

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by newsim2owner, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. newsim2owner

    newsim2owner New Member

    ????how do take a ride in a helicopter

    /??????????????????:confused: :confused: :confused: ive seen it in pics and people said they had them but i cant find it
  2. ringleesim

    ringleesim Computer Overlord

    are you talking about going to work???
  3. Lynet

    Lynet New Member

    Certain career paths have a helicopter commute to work when you reach the top. The military career path is one of them. 'fraid I can't recall the others at the moment.
  4. Kristalrose

    Kristalrose Wakey-Wakey!

    Business Tycoon is another one that takes the helicopter.

    It is level 10 of the career ladder.
  5. newsim2owner

    newsim2owner New Member

    well thanks is there any other tips please help im new to 2
  6. Lynet

    Lynet New Member

    So I gather. How about just playing the game for awhile, get to know the little things about it, work your way up through a career or two. Keep it simple and try to figure out as much as possible on your own. No fun in getting all the answers all at once. Explore and experiment. That's most of the fun anyway. :rolleyes:

    Also, try the search function at the top of this forum. Type 'career' for example and then read the threads that come up. You'll probably find that a lot of your questions have already been asked and answered. :) (But please do not post to old threads. Reading them for the information is best.)

    P.S. Practice using punctuation in your posts. You'll need it a lot later in life.
  7. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    In addition to the careers which take helicopters to work, there are custom content ones which you can download and use.

    I can't remember off hand where they are, but I remember seeing them when I was learning to do TS2 movies this summer (for the ad agency job I had). It seems that Decorgal's movie making FAQ on her site had links to them. (As well as several other very interesting and strange things that are good for making TS2 movies.)
  8. Elfgirl

    Elfgirl New Member

    The only way I know to get a heli is to make to the top of the military and politcal careers.

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