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Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by Jazz, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Peati

    Peati Mountain Biker Maniac

    Lol, you guys are funny!

    If you are really bored you can go to Create A Family, and make one sim with all small features (one side of the feature bar), and another sim with all large features (opposite side). Then marry them, move them into a house, and then have kids! Fun to see how the genetics work out :rolleyes:.

    Beware of ugly kids though!!! :eek: :D
  2. Sacharissa

    Sacharissa New Member

    LOL, Peati! That is too funny! I wonder which set of genes would win out in the offspring...or if they'd end up with a combo! :eek:
  3. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    I've got a new idea I'm going to try: Have you seen the show Shameless? It's a Brit TV show about a useless single dad and his six kids. It's a funny show in the same way a train wreck is funny.

    I'm going to make a family like that, only build it from the ground up and have Mum take off after kid #6. I won't play Dad at all, just let him do whatever unless he's needed to make another kid.

    Don't know if he'll make it to six heh heh.

    Anyway, it's a variant on the teen raises siblings challenge. Kids raise themselves.
  4. Jiko

    Jiko Lab Specimen Collector

    Ha - the hardest part of Asylum challenges is to NOT TOUCH THEM. I predict you will eventually cave and control Dad a little! Otherwise, I predict complete failure! Social workers en masse! Starvation, dirty diapers, no homework! Let us know how it goes with the little buggers. Sounds fun.
  5. Peati

    Peati Mountain Biker Maniac

    That sounds like fun! I need to take a look at some of these legacies, they sound like fun...:rolleyes:
  6. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    Boy did you have me pegged! I've already caved a bit. :eek:

    Frank wouldn't leave the poor toddler alone so I told him to go take care of his own needs and let poor junior sleep. I wasn't going to tell the grownups to clean, either, but I decided instead that they can influence others to do so and I've been allowing them enough rein to do it spontaneously. But with 2 points of neat in Frank's case that isn't often. And if dad's feeling up to it he can teach the toddler toddler tricks. Mom's too busy being pregnant and hating it. :p

    I want the kids to be happy, just not the grownups. :D Maybe we should start a thread to show our challenge photos and share our stories. I haven't gotten into them too much, as I've been playing Veronaville. But that could be fun.
  7. Jiko

    Jiko Lab Specimen Collector

    how are you getting groceries? and cash? do the teenagers do this?
  8. sayaka05

    sayaka05 New Member


    you shrewd devil you.

    but that'd be exiting...
  9. person123

    person123 Frumpy McDoogle!

    I had a fun, typical American Dream family. A successful businessman with a beautiful trophy wife and kids. Then his wife caught him cheating on her with the same man she'd been having an affair with. Drama is fun.
  10. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    Well, Mum's still around so she can buy them. If I didn't play her she wouldn't make it to kid #2. :rolleyes:

    But once there are six of them she's outta there, and then, yes, the kids have to do everything. Dad's just there to keep the social worker from coming, and if he drops dead, well, one of the teens can quit their job. :p
  11. kattylou7

    kattylou7 New Member


    Whenever I get bored I just get my teen sims pregnant. It always shakes the story up! :eek:
  12. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    Um, dear, this is a family site and we strictly forbid talking about hacks that allow such things. Check the rules before your next post, please.
  13. WereBear

    WereBear Dancing Bear

    Who needs a job? Buy your toddlers a xylophone instead of the usual wabbit-head and they'll crank out masterpieces to sell as kids. Or (requires OFB) sell lemon-aid. Also, don't forget the toy oven. I had one girl who put herself through college by selling easy-bake cakes that she had stockpiled as a kid. :D

    If you have Seasons you can make the school age kids fish and garden all weekend to stock the fridge and juicer while the teens practice their cooking skills and fill the fridge with lots of leftover "sparkle-y" food, or sell the fish and produce from the front yard. :cool:

    If you have OFB you can also emulate a running theme from the '80s "coming of age" movies and have your teens host pay at the door house parties. Just set a ticket-tron to "cheapest", turn on a radio and set out some cold cuts. Invite as many people people over as your graphics card will allow then flip your open sign to green. Before you know it you'll have made a fortune off the business money perks alone. Don't forget that Sims don't have child-labor laws...so you can make the little ones do all the dish washing and toilet scrubbing while the teens schmooze the paying guests.;)

    Or (OFB again) buy a robot bench and learn to make munchie-bots. Then the little darlings can live on pizza and Chinese take-out.:eek:
  14. MurderScene.Doll

    MurderScene.Doll Tamara </3

    i tried number six, and you wouldnt have geussed it, my family became rich, not Goth rich but Rich!, they also had two sets of twins, but i never knew what would of happened to them, i got a new computer.
  15. kachna_ff

    kachna_ff New Member


    This is quite lame, but as a huge Friends fan I made Friends family!!!! :eek:
    Sooooo bad, need therapy to!
    Anyhow, all my sims look vaguely like the Friends characters, they have similar jobs and interest, e.g Chandler works in business and Monica will soon open her own restaurant!
    One thing went rather bad :mad:Ross and Rachel doesn’t fancy each other!!!! It is a major catastrophe!
    So anyway, this is what you could do, choose your favourite TV series and redo it sims way!!!! great fun!
  16. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    WereBear, those are GREAT suggestions. I've never considered most of those. Thanks! I'm going to try them soon.

    I thought a farm might become rather lucrative if you kept at it. Thanks for confirming that, MSD.

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