ill tell you a story about

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by MurderScene.Doll, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. MurderScene.Doll

    MurderScene.Doll Tamara </3

    ill tell you a story about

    hey, it's me again :D

    I have recently started thinking about writing a story but i need some help,

    i was wondering if people could give me pointers to help me

    like for an example do you plan the story out or just have a basic i dea and see what happens

    by the way im thinking a comedy about a teenage girl who makes a bet and tries to have her first kiss, i am thinking of calling it "how to kiss a guy in ten days" (and yes i stole the title from how to lose a guy in ten days but hey i had the idea before i remebered the movie:) )

    obviously it will be crap becuase it's my first one but hey worth a shot

  2. Sacharissa

    Sacharissa New Member

    I usually have an idea of where I want the story to go, and then I set my sims up to go there, but sometimes they just have minds of their own! So then I have to decide if I want to write what they do into the story or not! Usually I do, because it makes the story more interesting...

    For example...In my story, Briarwood: the Heart of a Woman, I had everything all planned out, when suddenly, I discovered that the heroine, Cheri, went totally off script, adn ended up suddenly and unexpectedly pregnant - with someone I had TOTALLY not planned on!

    I ended up writing it into the story, and I think it made it that much more interesting!

    So my advice is, you can have an idea of where to go, but be open minded as you play, and see what your sims do! They are great little ad-libbers!
  3. Lynet

    Lynet New Member

    Most important, MurderScene is to put your first sentence on paper. I usually have a vague outline of the story in my head, but often, as Sacha points out, things happen that you weren't planning, or you suddenly get a good idea to go in a different direction.

    If and when it happens, follow it! And have fun.

    Thank you, by the way, for your comment on my pictures. :)

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