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    Actually this is my boyfriends query rather than mine, but since I was intrigued when he asked me I thought I will get your views. To all of you countries getting the Commonwealth Games footage, is there anything there that is trying to promote Melbourne as a great place to visit? We're not getting any, but I live here so not surprising really.

    Also, is America getting any of the footage at all since they're not in it? I wouldn't think so, but again I could be absolutely wrong. Just a curiosity thing since these games have cost us so much money and we probably won't even get a quarter of that back in tourism.

    Speaking of tourism, have you seen our new ads yet? If so what do you think of those?

    Jeez, it sounds like I'm some market researcher for our tourism dep't :eek: . I guarantee I'm not, it's just that I've read complaints from Aussie's about what these ads say to the rest of the world, so I'm here to ask "What do they say?"

    Enjoy your days!!!:D

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