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Discussion in 'The Sims 3' started by Booneysgirl09, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Booneysgirl09

    Booneysgirl09 New Member

    My Sims 3 is asking to download a new patch from the and when I click yes or no it doesn't respond. HELP!!!! I have uninstalled and re installed this game 3 times....just got this last week and it's been a headache since. :( Very disappointed! If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!!!
  2. secretsimsociety

    secretsimsociety New Member

    with patches like the one that just came out its better to get it from a 3rd party site.

    Ok guys listen up this is important. New update.
    So do this!!

    Before you update your game and install any new EP or SP you should make a Vanilla game... NEVER update or install ANY new EP or Sp when you have cc installed in your game...Close the launcher then rename your Electronic Arts folder (found in mydocuments) to MYElectronic Arts then open the launcher... The game will recreate a NEW Elect
    ronic Arts folder.. It is now safe to install EP's, SPs or update your game... When you have finished installing your new EP, SP or update DELETE the new Electronic Arts folder and rename the folder you called MYElectronic Arts back to Electronic Arts...

    If you have mods you will need to remove them if they are the type that needs to be updated after a new patch, like Twallan's mods.
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