Problems with my Child

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by LegoMan, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. LegoMan

    LegoMan New Member

    Problems with my Child


    My First problem is that the boy doesnt have any charisma wat so ever. when i click on a mirror the only option i have is "Change Appearance", i thought he was too small, so i bought every mirror avb (kaching). nothing.

    Second problem is that my boy has missed school once, and is now a D+ student, and i wanna get him into private school but his grades won't go any higher. So i have used the aging off cheat, sent him to school quite a few times with completed homework and platinum mood, but nothing, he gets home and stomps on his report card. wtf? i have nfi wat i'm doin wrong. He has done the homework by himself and also been helped. still can't get above D+.:confused:

    Pls Helpp

  2. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    I found out that Children can not use the mirror to gain Charisma, they have to wait till they are a Teen, or have already played with the Bunny Charisma toy as a Toddler to have any charisma. :(

    If your child is getting a bad grade even though they are doing their homework, try paying a lot of attention to how green all their needs are just before they leave for school. Having your child read or study stuff doesn't make them get good grades anymore, you have to send them to school with their needs as green as possible for them to do well!
  3. LegoMan

    LegoMan New Member

    I Fixed it :D .

    Seemed that the aging off cheat was a problem, as soon as i took it off, his grades started to get better. hmm, strange.

  4. Kane

    Kane New Member

    Moral of the story: Don't Cheat! ;)
  5. Kristalrose

    Kristalrose Wakey-Wakey!

    I was wondering if they could also use the telescope or the chess set to gain logic skills, and if those would help their grades improve? I keep having a similar problems: Brats who take all night to do their homework, even with help, so they won't do it and scamper off to play or get on the computer!!!!
  6. Orion

    Orion New Member

    You have to invite the headmaster over and show him a good time to get your sim child into private school. I didn't succeed and got turned down when I tried but I wasn't intrested in private school.

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