Question - The Sim 1 & Sim 2

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by sandierus2000, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. sandierus2000

    sandierus2000 New Member

    Question - The Sim 1 & Sim 2

    What is the different between The Sim 1 and The Sim 2?

    And can you have both versions on your computer or is it better to just have the one version.
  2. Odinmoon

    Odinmoon Creator of organised mess

    Well I'm sure you can have both . However once playing sims 2 you won't want to go back. The graphics are better with sims 2. there is give and take with both versions.:)
  3. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    I'd get the Sims 2 if I were you. Like Odin said, it has much better graphics and I personally think it has better expansion packs (Think about it, sims can have WEATHER!!!!! with Seasons :rolleyes:). Plus, your kids can grow up from babies to children to teens, etc. Now that's something TS1 doesn't have (and seriously needs). Umm, what else is there? Oh yeah and the kids in TS2 get Saturday and Sunday off like normal kids. In TS1 they just go to school, come home, do their homework, sleep, eat and that's it.

    But TS1 has some advantages as well. It has the Making Magic expansion, for example. (I can't think of anything else right now 'cause I got so caught up in all my rambling about TS2. :eek:)

    Keep in mind that (I think) both games require a lot from your computer--well, Sims 2 does anyway--so make sure your computer specs are up to scratch for the game. I'd hate for you to buy the games and then realise that they don't work on your computer.. :(
  4. JohnEZ

    JohnEZ The Mac Guy

    You can absolutely have both versions!

    The Sims is the original game developed by Maxis and released in 2000. As such its graphics are less impressive, its sims are less logical (not to say that sims in The Sims 2 are significantly more logical :rolleyes:) but a lot of people prefer this type of gameplay because it's a little crazier, more whimsical, and less strenuous on computers.

    The Sims 2 is the current incarnation of the game. It features 3D graphics and TONS of downloadable stuff from our favorite download sites. (For reference...Our Favorite Free Download Sites: 2007). It is, overall, a great game with a strong, supportive community.

    Either way you won't go wrong. Both games are very entertaining. Have both if you want! :)

    Hope that helps
  5. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    Hah, John, we posted at the same time. :slaphappy:
  6. JohnEZ

    JohnEZ The Mac Guy

    Yes indeedy, we did lol :p
  7. Odinmoon

    Odinmoon Creator of organised mess

    Sorry to poop your party, but you were 1min out, and thats a long time in Sims. :D
  8. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    *covers Moon's face with cream so that he looks like father christmas* :D
  9. Odinmoon

    Odinmoon Creator of organised mess

    Lol :ducks:
  10. JohnEZ

    JohnEZ The Mac Guy

    I also hate to be a party pooper, but we're kind of getting Off-Topic. :eek: :rolleyes:

    So, to bring this back on topic... this is the kind of wonderful community I meant when I mentioned it in my post above. ;)
  11. Jill Valentine

    Jill Valentine New Member

    In TS2, you can have a family tree. So if you create a family, say a man, a woman and a kid, you can "say" to the game that you want them to be "husband-wife+offspring", or you can say you want "man and woman=brothers and kid=son/daughter of "one of them", which will make the other adult an uncle or aunt. :)

    In TS1, you don't have this, and it is a little annoying to start a new family where you have "in your head" what would be a family, but you see the relationship bars of a new family in the "0" value, so it is crazy to think a father or a mother still doesn't love their children. This really bothers me about TS1.

    But even until today I don't know which one is the best one. With "Seasons", it is easy for me to admit that TS2 is indeed the best one today, not to mention the interactions and the up to date objects that you can have with TS2 (like, you can use your computer to buy things from the supermarket to your refrigerator, like in real life. Oh yeah, you have to repplenish your refrigerator in TS2 :)). But TS1 seems to still have some things that count for it, like the last EP, Makin' Magic, and, maybe I'm wrong, but it still seems to have the largest amount of objects, walls and floors textures, etc... See the piano, there's only two pianos in TS2, and I think at least six different piano models in TS1. And I mean that by "what comes with the software".
    So I don't know, building houses with different textures and buying cheaper objects, and later on expensive ones, still seems a little easier with TS1. With TS2, I feel this, like every family will always belong to the same social class, because they'll all have the same piano model, or the same TV set inside their houses, for example, no matter poor or wealthy. TS2 still lacks a little contrast in this matter, for me at least. It is even a little difficult to satisfy your Sim which desires to get rich and buy expensive things... there's not too much "out there" for him/her to buy that is better or "expensivier" enough, compared to all the rest of the objects that most of the "simsociety" can afford.

    But then again, in TS2 you can even actually "go to work" with the "open for business" expansion. Instead of following a career in medicine, law, etc..., you can open a new business (which can be on a community lot, or even at your residential lot, if you open a domestic business), or you can buy an already existing business on community lots. And you can also have multiple businesses.
    You can still follow a career, as long as you have a manager in each of your businesses, so you'll earn money from them all plus at your profession.

    And in any of the games you can create your own story. In TS2, the possibilities are even larger. Take my recent story for example. My Sim is an adult (created at the "create a family" system within the game), so as I don't know anything about him before adulthood, I'm pretending that he did not went to college, so he had to open a business and worked hard for 3 years without leaving home (domestic business) not even to go to the park or the market. He worked everyday, selling plants, flowers, and lately, pets and computers, all in the same location. After three long years, he finally hired some employees to help him out, so he could take a vacation (bon voyage EP), and I didn't want to spend his hard earned money that fast (which is now at 100.000 simoleons), so I went to the mountains on the camp, which is free of charge, and now that he is back, he'll (and I'll) look forward to develop his employees better and promoting one of them to manager so that he can stop worrying about this business and concentrate on acquiring another one and continuing to develop his business skills and commercial advantages, then when he becomes a shark in this bizz, he'll start to think about having a personal life, family... and then his kids will go to school and college, and will have a career, and hopefully will have to struggle less than him. :)

    That's another thing about TS2, and why I'm pretending my Sim is not graduated (so does not have a career other than his business). With the University expansion, Sims get a diploma, so a Sim without a diploma having a career ? It's a little strange. That's why I think Maxis should have to make possible for players to start with a teen on a neighborhood, living by themselves, and developing to adulthood. :) You can start as a "young adult" if you go directly to the Uni, but I would like to develop all skills before going to college, and maybe the teen could also start his/her own business to support them before college, or work at some place, like in a fast food, etc... :)

    In TS2, dogs can be large or small, depending on the breed. See Mirelly, I said "breed" :)
    And your pets can also go to work and earn you some more money.

    Bon Voyage is the last Expansion, but Seasons surely is what sells TS2 today. It's not just about the weather. You can do a little gardening yourself, plant your own fruits and vegetables, use them in your kitchen to make foods and juices... it's very fun. If you go fishing, you can also cook anything you catch :).

    Overall, that's it. Hope this and the others helps you to decide !!
    See ya !!!

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