Reviews of The Sims 2 Consoles/Handhelds/Mobiles

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    Reviews of The Sims 2 Consoles/Handhelds/Mobiles

    We'd like to select a few reviews to post on our front page highlighting opinions of The Sims 2 Consoles/Handhelds/Mobiles.

    We're looking for various people across various age groups to post their thoughts, comments, suggestions, feelings about this.

    Please note we're not looking for feedback such as "It's just great" or "It sucks." We're looking for comprehensive, indepth analysis of gameplay and your experience with it.

    If you have an article you'd like to submit, please send me a PM.

    Please provide also the following:

    1) Name (or pen name)
    2) Location (Country, City or Both)
    3) Approximate Age
    4) Do you own Sims 2 for PC?
    5) What did you buy (Sims 2 for PS2/Xbox, etc.)
    6) What was your experiences with The Sims 2 for PS2/Xbox, etc.? Are you a past Sims, SimCity, Maxis fan? What didn't you like? What did you like? How was gameplay? Would you recommend this?

    Please note the above are merely guidelines and are there to help you write out your composition. In no way feel that you are restricted to the above. Please feel free to expand as you see fit.

    We will select several articles which we deem fit to post and feature on our front page :).


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