Rolling Stones “100 People Who Are Changing America”

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    Rolling Stones “100 People Who Are Changing America”

    Rolling Stones created a list of the top 100 people who they believe to have impacted change in America the most.* Coming it at #84 is our very own Will Wright.* The change he is most responsible for is spawning Artifical Intelligence with SimCity, The Sims and now Spore.* Here’s what the magazine has to say:

    [​IMG]WHAT HE’S CHANGING: This game-design god has simulated cities (SimCity), people (The Sims) and worlds (Spore), but what he’s really doing is spawning artificial existence.

    FRIENDS SAY: Playing a demo of Spore, Robin Williams said, “I’m putting together a creature that would make Darwin say, ‘Hey, I’m not taking acid ever again!’”

    ENEMIES SAY: “I hate it so far,” sociologist William Bainbridge said of Spore. “It seems like a cutesy children’s game.”

    NEXT MOVE: Crossing over to TV; there’s been talk of a Sims show for years.

    SEE THE CHANGE: SimCity, The Sims and Spore

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