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Spore RUMOR – DarkSpore website briefly online; leaked details & images

Discussion in 'General Gaming Talk' started by Judhudson, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Judhudson

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    RUMOR – DarkSpore website briefly online; leaked details & images

    I’m classifying this as a rumor to be on the safe side.* More than likely it may be true because incidents like this has happened in the past (with The Sims 3 website) in the past…just taking precautions is all.

    According to tombik from the Czech fansite sporehrdinove.ic.cz, DarkSpore.com was accessible for a few hours in which Tom managed to stumble across and save the images and information posted on the site.* Unfortunately the correct English information was translated to Czech and Tom did not save the English text, we have to rely on what Google Translator has to say:

    For ages Crogenitors ruled the galaxy, transform and remodeled the galaxy as they pleased. In his arrogance, uncontrollable but created something they got out of hand*– Darkspore. Galaxy is now under siege. Darkspore started to use the power of E-DNA to transform the planet’s*inhabitants to mindless slaves. Their sole aim is to conquer all the planets. Are you a refugee Darkspore since the beginning of the millennium. But emerged with a new option, an option that could thwart Darkspore. Now it’s*up to you: Leading the fight against Darkspore and save the galaxy.

    Editor Due to constantly develop the necessary Crogenitors constantly experimented with the main ingredient of life:*DNA.

    After several generations of experiments to learn Crogenitors add limbs, senses, and even organ transplants from other life forms into their fighters through a mechanical interface.

    Here are the images that were posted on the site – may be in-game screens, or possibly concept art.* We just do not know at this time…However that should change by next week when Maxis will announce the game at Comic Con (and if we’re lucky, IGN or some other gaming site will have the announcement before then!


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


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