SimCity 4 sam_lawrence's BAT showcase thread.

Discussion in 'SimCity Legacy' started by sam_lawrence, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    Building Architect Tool discussion and showcase thread.

    Well now that the BAT is out, and we've had a chance to use it, it would only be appropriate to start a thread where we can all talk about the tool, or display what we've done with it so far.

    I've been playing around with it for a week or so now, and i'm getting a much better grip on how to use it. The last few days have been dedicated to modeling a particular building (Eureka Tower - being built in Melbourne, Aus.) As you have to pay to get access to the official plans and diagrams of the building, i've had to do it all by eye. So far i'm very pleased with how it's turning out. Here's a picture of it imported into the game. From this point, all i need to do it add more small details, and add some textures and it's finished!

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  2. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    Here's the base of the tower. This part is still heavily based on the real-life building, but slightly altered to fit into a 4x4 footprint.

    Now lets see what other people have to offer!

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  3. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    Time for a long needed update.

    I currently have under way a large BAT project, to recreate a number of landmarks from Auckland, New Zealand for SC4. Here's what has turned up so far:

    Rebublic Tower:

    Actually in Melbourne, Aus - not Auckland, but i've always liked it :) It's most likely going to be a R$$$ building.


    Metropolis Apartments:

    New Zealand's tallest residential tower at 39 floors (155m). This model is still very unfinished due to a large polygon count which will slow down progress by quite a bit


    Eureka Tower:

    Another Melbourne building, and the world's tallest residential tower at 298m. This project may also take a while because of it's very large size.

    (and sorry about the shadey render - i haven't changed the lighting rig for larger buildings yet)

    West Plaza:

    One of my favourite older skyscrapers in Auckland, and my favourite International style skyscraper in the world. It will probably be medium density Co$$$.


    Vero Center:

    Last but not least, Auckland's tallest building at 167m. This one at the moment is the most finished model, but my P3 can't export it so i have to wait untill the P4 is fixed before i can export.


    Lemme know what you think of these - if you like them i might talk to josh about making them available for download. I also strongly encourage anyone else to post pictures or info about their own BAT projects :)
  4. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    Here's an in-game shot of the almost ready to release West Plaza:

  5. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    Eureka tower is now getting somewhere. I'm going to finish it off without it's base first due to the amount of time it will take me to model.

  6. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    I've finally done some work on Vero, and it's basically ready for release. I just have to export it now. Here's a cut & paste ingame shot:

  7. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    A fictional observation tower of my own design i'm considering releasing depending on public reaction:

  8. wolfiepage

    wolfiepage Sims Complete Colection

    Letting you know 5-13

    Hey Friend,
    Just looking thro the post and wanted to stop in and tell you there is some great dizines here Keep up the great jobs...And thank you for the share
    Wolfpage :bandit:

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