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Discussion in 'The Sims 3' started by SnQQpy, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. SnQQpy

    SnQQpy New Member

    Same Sex Pregnancy - Try for Baby - Mod

    I have uploaded Same Sex Pregnancy - Try for Baby - Mod on to modthesims website under game mods

    Its just waiting for submission to the site but its taking a long time to arrive online so I have posted it here as well.

    Anyway this is the detail

    Same Sex Pregnancy - Try for Baby - Mod

    This provides the Try for Baby option and results in pregnancy for same-sex females and males.

    This is a mod I have been waiting to be developed - reading all the forums it appears that I'm not the only one.

    Anyway I got fed up of waiting so decided to create one myself by digging through the hundreds of script files and after a few days and much trial n' error got this one to work.

    I am not aware of any issues with its effectiveness in that it works but please see the notes below.

    Anyway if there are any issues that crop up then I'm sure your comments will let me know.

    It works for all gay couples, Females and Males.
    There is one caveat in that I haven't managed to get it to work while cuddling on a bed. I hope I can find away to fix this now I have it working.

    Obviously you need to have your partner in the 'Irresistible' mode before it will show (same as Woohoo) and then you will see the option. All the images show it working in practice.

    Things to Note

    I haven't installed the latest EA patch but I think this shouldn't make a difference.

    Male Pregnancies suffer from the floating head syndrome (because there is no Male Pregnancy Mesh (yet)

    I would advise that you remove any Nude Clothes (If you use them) as this prevents the default pregnancy mesh loading and they wont appear pregnant unless you do. Something I discovered with the first tries. You can replace them after birth anyway.

    Once you use 'Try for Baby' the couple will find a double bed. You should get the 'Baby Crib Jingle' after Woohoo but it might take more than one attempt. I have also noticed that the Jingle doesn't always sound (probably a bug) but if you find that the option for 'Try for Baby' disappears then one of the sims is probably pregnant and you will know for certain within a few sim hours when they dash to the toilet to vomit.

    I haven't tried it with longer preganancy mods out there but it wil probably work - please let me know if it does or doesn't?

    I think thats it - this is my first Sims Mod so I hope I haven't missed anything and be kind with your comments.

    Please unpack the rar file and place the package in your 'The Sims 3\Mods\Packages' folder for use.

    I have uploaded some images that show it in use which you can check out! Other than that enjoy! :)

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  2. simmilk

    simmilk New Member

    Downloaded! I'll try this out this evening.

    I've been waiting for this mod. :)
  3. momzgurlz3

    momzgurlz3 New Member

    Thank you
  4. nephayugi

    nephayugi New Member

    Thank you

    I have been waiting for this mod :D

    Thank you :bigthumbsup:
  5. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    Awesome job on the coding!! I didn't expect anyone to be rolling this one out so soon:D
  6. jesser999

    jesser999 New Member

    Sorry to tell you but this was done, like, ages ago and has been available for download just about everywhere. I got it from ModTheSims2 last week and it works. Your one doesn't work properly and is kinda crippled.
  7. jesser999

    jesser999 New Member

    Furthermore your crippled version was stolen from lostaccount's version. this can be proven. Shame on you. Shame shame.
  8. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    What is your proof? Would you please backup your claims?
  9. jesser999

    jesser999 New Member

    Look around you on the net, for starters. The original mod was posted weeks ago just about everywhere. You guys must be living in the dark over here. And for second, I already explained to you how it can be proved. It's up to you to do something about the thief on here who is pretending he created this work. Your thief doesn't even know how it works and hasn't a clue about fixing the problems that this sort of mod brings. What kind of site is this anyway if you condone this sort of thing? You disgust me.
  10. jesser999

    jesser999 New Member

    You don't even know how this works. You just pilfered it from another mod. That's why it's crippled, because you haven't a clue what it does really. You are truly despicable in your immoral behaviour. THIEF.
  11. Aelielia

    Aelielia New Member

    I don't know SnQQpy, nor do I know enough about the code to compare the two mods. However, that comparison does have to be made by someone that knows what they are talking about before anyone can call "thief".

    Lostaccount made a teenwoohoo mod that had the side effect of allowing same sex pregnancy. I followed the development of that mod and last week Lostaccount was saying they had just made the mod on the side, had no intention of doing any more work on it and it appeared to be up to others to make a mod that allowed same sex pregnancy with out the teenwoohoo options.

    So, it seems very reasonable to me that another mod maker would take up the challenge.

    Lostaccount didn't make the non-teen SS pregnancy mod until after Snoopy posted about submitting his own version.

    If the code is identical with just a few things stripped out, then there may be a case, but it seems people should be really sure before crying foul.

    The fact that just a week ago Lostaccount was talking like it would be up to others to refine the teenwoohoo might even make code borrowing excusable, even if lack of credit given would be extremely rude.

    I do know that at the time SnQQpy first talked about submitting his mod to MTS there was no comparable mod from Lostaccount. I also know that there was an unusually long delay in the approval process which seemed to have taken just long enough for Lostaccount to strip out the teen options from the original mod and post it on MTS.

    Maybe they were both pending at the same time, or maybe SnQQpy's was even submitted first. I don't know. However, it's hard to believe someone would have stole a mod and then submitted it on the site they stole it from, don't you think?

    I remember from the thread on MTS that SnQQpy only submitted it here after people got very impatient waiting for days for an approval on MTS.

    BTW, I only used Teenwoohoo myself for the same sex pregnancy option. However, the last version I tried kept causing my sims to reset to think they each were OK, instead of flirty or alluring when I tried to build towards woohoo. So I deleted it and waited for an update to try it again. SnQQpy's mod was announced in the mean time and when I finally had a chance to use it, it did not have the bugs I experience with Teenwoohoo.
  12. kampffenhoff

    kampffenhoff New Member

    Can I very politely point out the following---this is copied form LostAccounts Same sex mod on Mod The Sims.Thus Lost accounts version was available there AFTER this one was available here.

    Posted Yesterday at 06:40 PM -

    Some folk evidently found that the Teen Pregnancy Mod made it possible to have same sex pregnancies as well. I found it didn't work that way for me though, so I needed this, which does work.
  13. kampffenhoff

    kampffenhoff New Member

    Excuse but I meant from not form and I meant the words --Posted yesterday--were copied not the mod itself.
  14. jesser999

    jesser999 New Member

    The TeenWoohoo mod that Lostaccount created was completed a long time ago and posted on various sites. There is a lot of misinformation here by people who don't know what they are talking about. I know the guy and he created all these mods for sims 3 and worked hard to get them finished. Then this thief from here comes and takes out a file from one of his packages and calls it his own. That's blatant. You don't do that in the modding community. If you're going to mod somebody else's mod, you ask their permission first. You don't just steal their work.

    Lostaccounts version was up on Maty complete nearly a month ago. He had hosted it on Mediafire at that point. That's where I got it from, as did hundreds of people. He then went on to create adult versions. all this nearly a month ago. The evidence is there for all to see. I've looked at this rubbish on here and I can see that it's exactly the same as Lostaccount's old (really old) version, except the guy on here doesn't know what he's doing and dopesn't understand how the mod works. For the complete version that works properly with all bells and whistles and more you need to download lostaccount's original mod.

    Im not sayig anymore on this cos its obvious that you people on here live in the dark. This is just some backwater jerk site and stealing other people's work and posting it here proves how low it is.
  15. kampffenhoff

    kampffenhoff New Member

    The SAME SEX mod was posted on MATY on July 2nd. At least that is what is says there. The TEEN MOD was posted a while ago and some folk evidently found it worked for same sex pregnancies but when I used it it didn't work. I didn't want the teen pregnancy mod anyhow, I just wanted a same sex mod, so downloading the original was no use. I am not English and I have no idea what these bells and whistles are you are talking about----
  16. jesser999

    jesser999 New Member

    Lostacount's mod was posted on Maty back in early June, sometime before June 18th. Long long before July the 2nd. So your own evidence proves my point.
  17. Aelielia

    Aelielia New Member

    It was posted on Maty and mediafire June 21st, about a week and a half ago. Also, here are a couple important quotes from Lostaccount From just last week:

    "I only wish I could open this mod up further so everybody could have everything they wanted. Lesbian pregnancy, YA/Teen romance, sibling sex, or whatever floats ya boat. I ain't here to pass judgment. I just saw this thing as a challenge and I set out to crack it ...

    ...Well this mod works good as it stands, for teen on teen sexual option, but that's the only age range for now. And I don't feel much like getting any deeper into modding this right now. I sussed this out in a flash and that suits me fine. Once it starts looking like work, that's when I start heading for the door. LMAO".

    "Thanks, but I'm honestly not into this for making a name or anything. I just wanted to make some changes to the game and I found a way to do it easily. I go through phases, like most people, with the sims. Mad about it one day, fed up with it the next. I can take it or leave it though, and I'm getting bored with sims 3 anyway, already, and probably won't even look at the game again for another six months. It goes like that for me sometimes. I have a mad urge to play it, and then for months I can't stand to think of it, end up uninstalling it. I hope somebody takes over this mod and works on it to improve it because I know I probably won't improve on it anymore. It does what I wanted it to do, and so that's that."

    So, sorry Jesser, but you seem to be full of hot air.
  18. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    As a general reminder to all, please keep the conversations civil.
  19. jesser999

    jesser999 New Member

    That wasn't last week that was a month ago. The guy stuck around and got to work on it and fixed all the problems he was having with it. You don't know what you're talking about.
  20. jesser999

    jesser999 New Member

    And just because he said he didn't feel like improving on it, doesn;t mean he didn't. He actually went on to create Inteen for sims 3. boy this place is real dark if you don't know that. Head over to MTS2 and see what the gut did with his mod in the end. and take a look on sexysims2. He got deeply involved in it after being fed up with all the attacks he was getting from other modders and he made some great mods from that little mod he started with. you don't know anything about anything. I spoke to the guy a number of times by msn and private messaging and he's been busy every since. Yuo ought to see the mods he's created. He's made adult versions of the mod and everything that all work wonders ni the game. If you havent come across the guy's stuff by now you need to get out more and take a lot around the net. Just because he said he was fed up with modding once doesn't mean he gave up. He didn't. Hes probably one of the busiest modders for sims 3 right now. Go take a look at the sites and see for yourself. Then you'll see that i was right all along.

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