How Do I Sordid eugenic tricks--worried about third generation?

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by lorelei92950, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Sordid eugenic tricks--worried about third generation?

    Two of my first created couples in Sims 2 have 4 children. The first two just became adults and they turned out kind of weird. I knew they were sort of weird even as toddlers, but I've seen ugly kids turn out rather well before and since they had attractive parents, I figured it would turn out all right. But no. I can live with how they look, I guess, but I'm wondering what will happen to any grandchildren when these two find spouses and procreate? I mean, will these extreme features become even more exaggerated?

    The parents are quite normal looking, but one is based on a real-life person and is not flawless. Very attractive still. But it's like the kids got all of her worst traits and exaggerated them. Only the youngest girl, a twin, looks like she may turn out okay. Any comments or suggestions as to what may befall this family in the third generation? The family is based on characters in a story I wrote years ago so they are quite personal to me. Definitely did not expect this though and would like to know how (if at all) I might prevent it next time. It's not that I want to micro-manage the genetics in this game...I just want the children of attractive parents to look a little attractive. After all, they DO live in Pleasantview. :D Let me know if screenshots would help, I have a ton on my blog
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    Well, for me, when I create my sim family in CAS. I go to the create baby option to see what their kids would look like. I spend a LOT of time reclicking that button that rerolls the child. I usually pick them as adults so that you actually see how they would look when they're older and see if they are pretty or at least not unattractive by my standards. Then when the adults turn out alright, thats when I'm done with CAS.

    Oh, and if you want to change the sims appearance now, if you have University Expansion, you can use the cosmetic surgery station thingy...lifetime award to change their faces. But be sure to use it in a good mood for your sims, otherwise they might turn out even more ugly.

    P.S. Sorry if it doesn't make a lot of sense, my memory of Sims 2 is very vague. Hope this helps.
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    That's interesting! I did not know about the ability to keep hitting next for a child until recently, but it was for a family I was going to put into play with children already born. I figured I had no chance of deciding what the child might look like if conceived in the game. Many of my Sims are put into the game as adults, but no married. So can't use that option. But I will try it with the next couple I make. Now if I want to see what kind of kids, but don't want the kids yet, how does that work? I mean you said you went into the create baby option. But how do you do that and not end up with a child? Is there just a cancel button that won't cancel the parents?

    Meanwhile I guess I'm just stuck with the parents I have who married in the game; I'll have to take my chances. Unfortunately I don't have the University Expansion; I'm not a teenager or college kid and it just didn't interest me. I have Seasons, Freetime and the last one I added was Mansions and Gardens. I have been thinking about adding Bon Voyage, that really interests me (also Idea Home Stuff), but haven't been able to decide if I want to chance adding another expansion.

    Thanks for the reply, and I did click on the star. I had no idea I could do that, I never even noticed it. So hope that helps you :)
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    Maybe I should consider adding University just to get that plastic surgery thingy. But going through school again sounds like drag!
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    The surgery thing is not just for a teenager or when they go to university. It's an added lifetime/career rewards. But it will only change their face structure, not their genetics, so their kids might look like them before they had the cosmetic surgery. But then again, you can do this every time an adult of your kid's turns out unsatisfactory.

    See this pic,


    Click the "make a child" button; the one that looks like a pacifier; the button in between/connected to all three sims to get another possibility. You can click this as much as you want. Then when you want to cancel the child click the X. The parents/two adults cannot be canceled by doing this. And they don't have to be married to do this, they just have to be two adults of opposite sexes.

    Maybe this would help too.

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