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Spore Spore crashing on startup, HELP!!!

Discussion in 'General Gaming Talk' started by BluePanda, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. BluePanda

    BluePanda New Member

    Spore crashing on startup, HELP!!!

    Spore worked perfectly fine for a number of weeks.
    Then it began to crash when i tried to exit planets in space stage.
    It did that 4-5 times. Then the next time i tried to open Spore it wouldn't work at all.
    It would go black, wait, then crash. It said it had to close because of a problem.
    I have already deleted my cache.
    Also i tried to reintall from the disk but accidentally exited.
    Then when i tried it again the reinstall won't run at all.
    Please help?

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  2. lazyflame2

    lazyflame2 New Member

    same thing happened to me i got the game 2 weeks ago played it almost every day i came home yesterday went on it got black then went to my desktop and the day before there was a message saying spore.exe has stopped working for a unknown reason vista is checking why and it just dissapeared it wouldnt reinstall it had no viruses there was a quick message out of no were like 2 days earlier it said spore.exe is - and i didnt read the last part then it went black i played and all my stuff wa gone i had one more badge to beet the game and be omnipotent so after i flipped out i made a new planet and people i get to admiral i closed out to go eat and guess wat it cleared again so what in the name of god is happening and my graphics memery evreythings good i got realy goo malwar and virus protection and well yeah wut the fudge is goin on its really pissin me the hell off if you can find i reason or help me fix it i will be verry grateful and happy i bought it with my own money and i cant get thje disc to reinstall it either so yeah email me or reply

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