Troubleshooting The Sims 2 System Requirements

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by ManagerJosh, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Supernova

    Supernova New Member

    Nah it doesnt look like it. The RAM is to low for one thing. And what Video Card do you have? You can check the required system specs for the Sims 2 here.
  2. Killah Heels

    Killah Heels New Member

    I'm not very good with computers at all!!!
    Do you know if i were to buy 256mb twinmos and 256mb samsung RAM if my memory would be ok? haha i don't think that makes sense at all.

    thanks for your reply.
  3. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    You have a supported non-T&L card with enough Processor to run it. But the minimum RAM is 256mb. So, you'd need to add a bit of RAM in order to run the game at the minimums.
  4. Killah Heels

    Killah Heels New Member

    Thank you! :)
    I have bought some more RAM and will probably buy a new video card also so it will run better.
  5. Bookworm42

    Bookworm42 Oh No! Bathtime!

    Okay, I'm going to ask the experts about whether we've got enough power to run the Sims2 on our computer...I didn't think we would but after reading the spec page now am wondering...We have the following:

    AMD 1200/266 CPU
    Asus A7A266 Motherboard
    256 MB DDR RAM
    ATI Radeon 7200 32 MB Video card
    Maxtor 40GB Hard Drive

    Hmmm, is that enough information for all you die-hard computer fans to tell me yes or no?
  6. copter

    copter New Member

    Your video card is actually 64MB. It also has T&L. Your computer should work fine with the processor and RAM you have, although a upgrade of either one of these would spruce up the game. ;)
  7. Supernova

    Supernova New Member

    Ya that computer is pretty much at the lowest end of the spectrum. Its just at the minimum requirements.
  8. jordanbrad

    jordanbrad New Member

    what about me... I would like to know how well I could run the sims 2...any1 who knows about how the game runs reply...plz dont compare to system specs...i hear they arent that accurate....
    AMD Athlon 2200+
    768 MB RAM
    NVIDIA G-FORCE 5600 w/ 256 MB video RAM
    Windows XP w/ SP1

  9. Bookworm42

    Bookworm42 Oh No! Bathtime!

    Yahoo!! Thank you, thank you!! Now that I know that I can at least try the game out I will have to head to the nearest computer store with money in my hot little hands for TS2...Now to get some days off work and hope they aren't all sold out before I can grab my copy! Thanks for all the help/advice guys!! :)
  10. copter

    copter New Member

    No problem, post again if you need any more help ;)
  11. snowy

    snowy New Member

    minimum specs wrong i think

    I've installed sims 2 on a Pc with follow specs out of curousity
    and it worked well, in that it was playable :-

    Pentium II 350mhz
    192mb sd ram
    Geforce 2mx 32MB (agp x2 board)
    XP pro
    40Gb drive

    so i imagine the minimum specs to be a little high then.
  12. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    Anything is playable on a system. I installed The Sims 2 on my P2 400MHz downstairs, and the wait time was a killer.
  13. Simsun

    Simsun New Member

    Here's a couple of system requirements that don't show up on the box.

    Page 70 of the manual states:

    "If your system is running anti-virus or crash guard programs you will need to close or disable them to run The Sims 2. To do this, find the icon . . . . ..


    "Once anti-virus and crhash guard programs have been disabled, you should end all unnecessary general background tasks." :eek:

    They suggest that you use Task Manager to close EVERY process (excluding System, Local Services, or Network service groups) except for explorer.exe or taskmgr.exe.

    So, those of us who are connected to the internet through highspeed are expected to disable our virus protection while playing the game????? Preposterous. Opening ourselves to tons of problems, yes? I suppose we can unplug from the wall socket to disable internet, but come on. This is crazy.

    If I saw that warning on the box, I wouldn't have bought the product. Now that I own it, and feel that it is unreasonable to run such a program that makes you disable virus protection, I can't return it.

    Any thoughts???:mad:
  14. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    i didn't have to do any of that.
  15. Simsun

    Simsun New Member

    I suppose I didn't have to do that either, but I was following instructions in order to make sure I did it correctly.

    Bottom line is that Maxis is suggesting that we turn off virus protection. I see that as a SIGNIFICANT issue.

    Those of us who don't fear computers can work around these things, but what about all the huddled masses who go by the letter of the law because they don't know there may be options.

    These are the people who open themselves to real problems when they are instructed to "take off their condoms and have unprotected sex".

    Just my two cents.
  16. Nananims

    Nananims New Member

    Please, help !!

    I noticed that a lot of people like me had the same problem with their video cards, which were not considered as compatible with DirectX 9.0c by their system, when they tried to start the game The Sims2. I followed your instructions, it means that I downloaded the latest driver for my video card and I reinstalled DirectX 9.0c on my computer. I think my card has upgraded, because the control pannel isn't the same anymore and it seemed that everything was ready to make the game work. But no !!!! I still receive that message before the game begin : No compatible graphics found on your system for DirectX 9.0c. I have a Gigabyte Maya Radeon 9000 pro with AGP bus, VGA driver, and the last driver from ATI... My OS is XP, what can I do now ? For three days I've been looking for a solution but in vain. Please, advise me something. Txs
  17. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    Most of the games seem to have this sort of thing to help with performance. However, it depends on your system. I haven't disabled any of them, but I have a higher end computer.

    Also, if you don't have the internet on when you are playing, then you aren't in any danger. Are you saying that your computer is permanently online at all times. Isn't there an offline setting at least (so that your computer has some privacy?)
  18. Simsun

    Simsun New Member

    I don't know of any software way to disable internet. I could unplug the cable modem, but other than that I don't know how to.

    Windows 2000 on one machine, windows XP on another
  19. Crazy13

    Crazy13 New Member

  20. Supernova

    Supernova New Member

    Umm.... what? She said that on like a side note.

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