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The Sims 3. What are your opinions? Check up to 4 options.

  1. I will buy TS3 whatever happens

    24 vote(s)
  2. I doubt I will buy it

    5 vote(s)
  3. I will buy if I can afford a computer to run it

    20 vote(s)
  4. I'll buy only if it is a serious attempt to improve on TS2

    40 vote(s)
  5. It must have more built-in customization tools than TS2

    29 vote(s)
  6. It must have an importation facility from TS2

    11 vote(s)
  7. It must be more realastically animated (no pointless movements)

    34 vote(s)
  8. It needs to be less easy - maxing out all skills ought to be almost impossible

    9 vote(s)
  9. I want more realism in relationships

    34 vote(s)
  10. I want more appropriate interactions between sims

    31 vote(s)
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  1. Mirelly

    Mirelly Active Member

    I heartily approve of Rosie's separate kick-moulding idea.

    As for ages, there should definitely be more and aging should be more obvious. My suggestion would be to have:

    Infant: 2 days
    Toddler: 3 days
    Pre-schooler: 3 days
    Child: 5 days
    Teen: 5 days (sim is now "18")
    Young Adult: 4 days (or go to college)
    Adult: 30 days
    Mature adult: 15 days - age marked by salt 'n pepper hair, thickened waist etc.
    Elder: ??

    If the face meshes are properly designed, the adult > mature adult > elder could achieve a more lifelike transition of aging with two stages of cheek sagging.

    Adding more ages gives more scope for celebrating birthdays, especially the childrens'. Hopefully there would be a better social awareness and memory/desire engine to make having parties more worthwhile for the player.
  2. simgurl84

    simgurl84 New Member

    I think that the options for this particular poll were very thourough. They made me think about how the sims 3 could be made better. For one, I think sims should have more serious relationships. For example, sometimes once I marry my sims I dont have them interact becuase they are too busy with kids and work. I think sims should become upset if their spouses dont pay attention to them. Also, sometimes my sims fall in love at college and then marry someone else as an adult, but they are still in love with some college sim. I think sims should fall out of love if nothing is happening. I also think 50% of twins should be identical. They should look alike and have the same astrological signs.
  3. Mirelly

    Mirelly Active Member

    Good points, simgurl. Thank you.

    I just thought how nice it would be if in Sims 3 that many more surfaces (if not all surfaces) had multiple placement slots. Even floor squares should have 5 slots or even 9!

    Portable objects could then be defined in terms of the permutation of slots they need to be placed. Small items like books, toys etc. need only one. Large items would more. Needless to say, Sims 3 sims should be able to perform simple tasks without tantrums.

    Let's say that counters have 9 placement slots arranged in a grid tic-tac-toe fashion. A counter has a couple of small items (say a coffee cup and some bills on it) and a sim wants to make dinner. The sim simply pushes the tray onto the counter, pushing the items already there to the back row and makes dinner.

    To add to the fun, maids (or neat-freak sims) would have to tidy up before cleaning, so we would have to help our sims hunt around looking for homework or bills after the maid has been .... :rolleyes:
  4. Vchat20

    Vchat20 New Member

    I honestly think many of the relevant concerns have been posted already as I can't really think of anything to add. I really think it all comes down to making things a little bit more 'lifelike' as it were. No repeated animations, better memories for each sim to relate to constantly engaging events, more lax building tools, etc..

    I think it's really a case where we just become so accustomed to how things have been given to us (TS2 in this case), and what our upper limitations are even with hacks and mods, that we refuse to see where vast improvements can be made with currently available technology.

    And there certainly isn't much of a limit in current technology for a lot of the already mentioned improvements in this thread. There are plenty of games already out there that are more advanced by far so that is definitely not the case. Granted it means putting even more of a strain on system requirements, but as it stands now, with the advent of PCI-express video cards, even fairly low end beige-box machines are capable of fairly decent upgrades with the pci-express standard being akin to classic pci in that they are usually on every machine, albeit few in some. And once you offload the brunt of the graphics work on the dedicated GPU, the cpu is wide open for underlying logic calculation in the game and recent gen cpu's aren't anything to laugh at either.

    Not to be an extremist in this case, but I do feel it's our duty to make an attempt to get this concern out to EA/Maxis. I'm certain for many of us that we really wouldn't mind the same game, expansions, etc.. rehashed if it meant a revamped core with all these improvements and enhancements to make The Sims series an even more visually pleasing one and also more stimulating in the gameplay area. Look how we went from isometric TS1 to free-range TS2. TS3, if Maxis/EA decides to really put some effort into it insofar as improvements, should prove to be yet another big seller.
  5. sayaka05

    sayaka05 New Member

    i would want it to have less pointless actions.

    sims GOTTA learn how to walk AROUND someone in their way.
  6. Sacharissa

    Sacharissa New Member

    I would like the option of moving Sims to other neighborhoods. It would be like moving to a new town. They could still keep relationships with people in their old town, and maybe even have friends from the old neighborhood come to visit! At the very least, the should be able to call their old friends to keep up relationship scores!
  7. Bugmeat

    Bugmeat New Member

    I want more customization too, length of hair, shoes. etc. etc.
  8. StayNuts

    StayNuts Artist Manager

    will only buy TS3 if they...

    of course make it able to import TS2 items, lots, sims, etc., without that, a lot of users will not use TS3 before everything is converted... same with microsoft flightsimulator... takes always a couple of months, sometimes a year that you see the most people starting to use it because the addons are converted... wish also that the current expansion packs can be used in TS3 of course... dont like to buy them again and again, and when finally the game start to be complete, TS4!!!!!!!!!!

    building appartements on ONE lot... like an condo or something... you build first the building, assign a landlord and rent out the appartements, furnished and unfurnished... as landlord you can make a living with it... you can have then a new job, REAL ESTATE, sell houses to other sims...

    is like a dorm but then for families.... you can then only change the walls and furniture inside your own appartement, not in other parts of the building, the landlord can change his landlord appartement and the halls, garden, etc... but not the appartements which have been rent out... during the game you have also only control over the family you have selected...
    building houses until the end of the lot, wanna see houses build to eachother as in a real city... now I have always gaps between them... now looks like the cities small village towns, I love the big city idea...

    improved roofing tools and building features like curved walls, platforms of various height so we can finally build a corner staircase without using cheats...

    another interesting contruction item can be adding the water and gas pipes in the ground from the street to the house.... phonelines and cable TV... and also electricity with street poles, meters, switches and wires for in the ground and between the poles... its now availbale as a mod but would love to see it standard item, even with possible breaks in the ground....

    editing the city as in SimCity4 but then inside SIMS3... I want to build up my town totally from scratch, just one simple road... add a crossing with some houses around and slowly adding new streets and more houses... that is the way a suburb, village or city grows... now I see one big empty space with to much streets...

    startup with a big map as in SimCity4 and add several hoods in that map which are linked to each other... for example, in the west I make a city that exist of 3 hoods... a downtown and 2 suburbs... in the north a small local village with a small suburb and in the southwest a big city with 4 hoods of downtown and 4 suburbs... can even make in the east a small holiday paradise and in the northwest a ski resort...
    this gives me more a real city feeling and not just somewhere a few hoods...

    like also to see that when you walk to the end of your lot, that you walk automatically into the new lot... you can for ex. take the dog out for a walk through your own hood or street...

    when you travel to other cities, you can go by your own car or taking the public transport... and when you are in a different city, you can sleep by friends or booking a night in a hotel... very very rich sims own a second house on the beach or a cabin in the woods... love to see that, sims who own more then one house...

    new job, BANK, control loans of other SIMS and learn more about the banking system, let young sims open a bank account where they can save there money, even in the university period and using it later to buy there first car or house...

    think a good way to learn young users how to save money and how banking works...

    make it possible to drive the cars like in a real car simulator through your own city, can even a seperate extension pack (or for TS2), now you drive but not really, you only go in and out of the car...

    when you move out that you can move all your stuff that you want to take with into a truck ( rent the truck or call a house moving company ) and take it with you to your new house, you have paid for it and I don't like to start over again, works also between hoods and you still keep a relation with your friends and family from other hoods...

    the current days are to short to experience a sim a reasonable life... it takes time to do everything... they must make a scale system and that you as end user can select how many days they average life... for ex. instead of 30 days, 90, or 180 days... get sick a little bit now of counting the days and using aging/on/off all time...

    or make it that you can speed up the time with the -/+ button for ex. and you can use then even the real time mode... you one day older, your sim one day older too... found the current aging system just to short which dont give the sims a change to learn seriously...

    viewpoint of the 3D world through the eyes of the sims, click on one button and your viewpoint changes from birdview to eyeview, makes it more realistic and easier to work with... and when you are in the body, some controls to really walk around and pickup things, etc...
  9. MurderScene.Doll

    MurderScene.Doll Tamara </3

    i think that after the sims have died you should be able to view their info, like memories, how they died, how old they were, personality, interests......:)
  10. i hope they don't include cheat codes, cuz thats what made me get bored of sims 2, i never got challenged and when i didn't use cheat codes i wanted to use cheats! i was like a druggie!
  11. Odinmoon

    Odinmoon Creator of organised mess

    I would like a lot of things . I cannot think of any at the moment. However I think by the time it comes, my computer will be dead and buried. :D
  12. scarylodger

    scarylodger New Member

    The Sims 3????? Honestly, is there really one coming :eyepopping: but I've only just started on Sims 2!!!
  13. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    LOL. Yep, EA's working on a TS3 right now. I think TS3 is otherwise known as Spore. Not sure though. :confused:
  14. Judhudson

    Judhudson is a Hi-Tech Redneck

    The Sims 3 is in fact coming sometime in 2009 via Maxis. That is one of the reasons EA established "The Sims Division", to classify all "The Sims" games and it's spinoffs under that.

    EA has bought the domains for The Sims all the way thru 9 I believe (example: (not an actual link) and so on)

    It's not Spore, as that's Will Wrights team doing that. :)
  15. Karybdis

    Karybdis Mod Godfather

    Presumably we'll get to see it some time in the near future. They should be ramped up to having a usable engine by now, and will probably be capable of previews within a few months if not already.

    Spore on the other hand is getting released on March 8th last I heard.
  16. Sir Stan

    Sir Stan Recovering Wowaholic


  17. Karybdis

    Karybdis Mod Godfather

    Well. We might as well confirm what we know so far.

    Sims 3 is developed by EA Sims division now that Maxis has been dissolved into the EA Sims division and the EA Spore (Will Wright) division. It will be released before April 2009.

    Work started on Sims3 in Jan 2006, and by June 2007, was a 2D Prototype model consisting of the planned simulation capabilities of the sims and their familes. Individual prototype models not in the main game were being created, and then folded in as they were found to work or not work. As of June 2007, there was no 3D engine developed.

    Features confirmed being worked on at that time were:
    ~5 Traits assigned to each Sim from a trait pool
    A sense of what is socially acceptable
    Long term planning based on traits that lead Sims to operate independantly.
    Sims know when they interrupt something and can react.
    New presentation of social simulations Sims can take part in
    Sims may apologize for violating social norms based on their memory of the event.
  18. Bassoonist

    Bassoonist Bassoons rock!

    Buying it for me really depends on several things.

    If it's truly a next generation game that focuses on the most minute details (which is something I personally love in a game.) than I will definitely buy it.

    Otherwise I might or might not buy it.

    Oh, and we need more musical instruments. XD
  19. roseten

    roseten New Member

    can you have a babie on the sims 2?????????
  20. Judhudson

    Judhudson is a Hi-Tech Redneck

    Roseten, with meaning to sound rude, this thread is reserved for Sims 3 discussion and speculation. A question like that should of been posted in a new thread (or if you would of done some research and reading about the game, shouldn't of been posted at all) here:

    But to answer your question, Yes, Sims can have babies in TS2.

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