The Sims Deluxe Edition... Help Please

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by Riotgirl21, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Riotgirl21

    Riotgirl21 New Member

    The Sims Deluxe Edition... Help Please

    Well first off I'd like to say Hey to everyone as I am new to the website!! :D

    2nd.. I tried searching for my answer before posting because I know it is annoying to answer the same question over and over but didn't seem to find much that could help...If I overlooked something then I apologize :)

    3rd.. I recieved the sims deluxe edition as a gift a while back...Worked fine...I uninstalled it and let my sister borrow it for a while... Just recently got it back and tried to install it again...The Game froze many times and I had to restart and try over and over and finally got it installed...BUT! When I would go to play the game..The first loading screen would open for a few secs then close and return to my desktop....I checked everything...My computer/drivers/directx is all up to par and meets all the min system requirements so I restarted and tried again...Still same thing... So I tried to uninstall it and had planned to reinstall hopeing that would fix the problem BUT! I was not aware that U must open the game atleast once before uninstalling...Which obviously wouldn't have worked for me anyways because my game would not open...So it just keeps reinstalling over and over and now the game does nothing when I try to play it but make a small white box appear in the middle of my screen for about 3 secs and then it goes away!..Ugh! and now it is stuck on my computer.... I tried using the contact support but because I do not have the same e-mail or the original screen name I registered the game with I cannot get much help from there....I would really love to get this game working again and any help would be mos def appreciated! Although I'm assuming that since it's Christmas Eve I will have to wait patiently :( lol....I am prepared to do so!

    Sorry for such a long explanation I'm just hoping by giving my experince in detail it can help you HELP ME a little easier lol
  2. kvnsqn

    kvnsqn New Member

    Did you ever get some help on this as I have the same problem?

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