The Sims FAQs and helpful links.

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by sam_lawrence, Jan 13, 2005.

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    The Sims FAQs and helpful links.

    In an effort to tidy up the general discussion forums here, i have compiled most of the important resources in the forum into this one thread. If i have missed out anything then i'm sorry! Try a forum search if what you're after isn't in here.

    This is basically a list of selected FAQs that have been answered in various threads over time. Refer to the links below each question for help.

    Where can i find cheat codes for The Sims and how do i use them?

    I'm having problems running The Sims on Windows XP. What do i do?

    How do i install downloaded objects?
    (tutorial is a few posts down the page)

    Where can i find free Sims downloads sites?
    (several links throughout thread)
    Also see the following thread for more Unleashed downloads:

    How do i get the stars to appear in The Sims: Superstar?

    Other useful threads:

    SimAntics Information

    Cloning Unleashed objects
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