Unleashed-the upside down thumbnail problem

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by VanDeGraff, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. VanDeGraff

    VanDeGraff New Member

    Unleashed-the upside down thumbnail problem

    So you've played unleashed, customized a bit, and suddenly your family has a clown looking face when you're in the neighborhood. Inside the game, maybe you see a whitish upside down mask picture. I have now had this problem and here's how to make it happen (what NOT to do). First it pertains to FaceLift and the heads you make with it. I'm guessing Facelift is not so compatible with Unleashed, given the age of facelift comparitively. Second, Sim Wardrobe from simwardrobe.com , I used it to choose a head for my previously created sim. When I re-entered the game, it created the new thumbnails and failed, with the results you've all seen. Sim Wardrobe and FaceLift are pretty safe to use. I hear no complaints of crashes, just qualitative results. However , one or the other has a problem with Unleashed. I do suggest not using anything that deletes thumbnails, including Metamorphoser, SimTeen, GrowUp , perhaps Eli-sims.. any head choosing program. I also would like to know if Facelift heads cause problems with your newly created families. So far I have not seen this result, but testing is not complete.
    REMEDIES: 1) the least radical course is to use Metamorphoser yet again to choose a default head that came with the sims. It may aid the game in making good thumbnail images. 2) you could evict the family and move it back in, which might work, at least it won't be risky. 3) The most radical course is to BACKUP your families first (UserData folder for that neighborhood) . UNINSTALL the sims completely. Re-install WITHOUT unleashed, use your FAM files from userdata/export put them in userdata/IMPORT. Start the sims, then import that family again. It should help you make new thumbnails - or at least be able to use Sim Wardrobe properly.
    Note : This thumbnail problem is EXACTLY the same we had with Michael Mesker's old GrowUp program. The images are identical in every way. It's simply a problem of some programs creating a situation where the sims game wont make good images.
  2. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    Gives a whole new spin on third-party created programs.
  3. BabyaSim

    BabyaSim New Member

    Well, I would like to learn about unleashed-how doyou buy a pet? becuase I'm buying UL, for one of our pv;s-mine is too slow, (33 mz), mt while da'ds opoc can un UL-IT'LL BE USED ON that? Any Sims un;eashrec tutorials/strategy text guide files?
  4. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    To buy a pet go to a store in Old Town, click on either a display with a cat in it or a dog in it depending on which you want, then you will have options to choose what color and kind of cat or dog and then you adopt! :)
  5. BabyaSim

    BabyaSim New Member

    Thaknks, thatll come in handy after getting UL.
  6. lewdini

    lewdini Moderate Sith Lord

    well..to correct the problem..run scandisk and diskcleanup
  7. viskamiro

    viskamiro New Member

    Get the unleashed patch, it corrected this in my game.
  8. lewdini

    lewdini Moderate Sith Lord

    that would work too
  9. laurie_mac

    laurie_mac New Member

    Upside Down Thumbnail Problem

    I am new to this forum, although I've been playing The Sims 1 for a long time. I have also had problems with the upside down thumbnail thing appearing in the game. The strange thing about it is that it happened to me for the first time when I was still new to the game, (probably about five years ago now). I was playing with the deluxe edition, and at that point I did not have any expansion packs and I hadn't downloaded any customized objects or skins from any websites. The only thing that I may have done in terms of customization at that time would have maybe been with 'The Sims Creator' program that came with the deluxe edition, but I was only a beginner then, and wouldn't have been doing any file importing or anything like that at that time. The upside down icon thing happened to one of my Simkids, and I kept playing with that family for a little while, but I eventually stopped, because I found that white vampire face icon too creepy. I kind of forgot about it because it never came up after that, but then it happened to me again a few days ago. At this point I have quite a few expansion packs including Unleashed, and I have downloaded a lot of material from websites, although nothing recently, and my poor old computer is no longer on the internet (and hasn't been for a long time), so I know it can't be a virus. Also I've had to wipe my hard drive and reload Windows a couple times since the first occurrence of this vampire-clown-faced icon thing for unrelated reasons, so I know it can't be some corrupt file still kicking around from long ago. The thing that makes it worse this time though is the fact that I can no longer even play with the affected family. Soon after the appearance of the strange icon, the game would crash as soon as I moved the cursor over the the family's home from the neighbourhood screen. I wonder if anyone has any insight on this. I wonder where that wierd icon came from, and why it suddenly came back to haunt me all these years later....... kind of strange.:eek:

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