What is the point of playing Sims?

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by Ruzz, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Ruzz

    Ruzz New Member

    What is the point of playing Sims?

    What's the point? What's the aim of it? I mean like if you play an online mmorpg game your aim is to get to a higher level so you can dominate other players and have better equipment - so what about sims?

    Don't take this the wrong way. I am a Sims 2 fan myself. In fact I love games like sims which centers around the roleplaying (?) type where you can decorate houses and etc. (like animalcrossing in the DS)

    However after I got my latest EP (university) - I just got myself to thinking, what is the point of playing this game? Sure the graphics are awesome and I like how I can decorate my houses, being able to have access to various social interactions in many different places and much more like the vampires...werewolves...

    So for my first time I got my married couple to Elder stage and I have 2 children. Ok. Where do I go from here? Do I keep playing til they die so I can get my children to grow up and get married again?

    I MEAN - it just gets plain boring if you have already played through with a certain aspect of the game and try to do it again. Example - owning a pet. You buy your pet its bed, food bowl, some toys, you send it to work, you train it so it reaches the top of the career. Walk it, give it fun, play with it, bathe it. Ok for the first time, no doubt it's entertaining. Second time? Not anymore. It gets repetitive.

    Another example, you send your young sim to college. You put him through the whole university course. Doing homework...falling in love...living out at the dorms. What's the point of the second time? Just for that career item? JUST FOR THAT?

    Someone enlighten me. I don't want to grow out on this game.
  2. Odinmoon

    Odinmoon Creator of organised mess

    To me Sims is not a competitive game. It's a creation game, a bit like painting or art. The idea for me is to create Nice houses, be successful in business, Fill the cemetery, Build large family tree's, Design neighborhoods,
    Get plenty of aspiration points, fulfill goals. A bit like life. ask your self what do you do in real life after a major accomplishment? It's all up to you.
    We have these forums to show our creative ability, and share with others.:) Not all games have winners, however you can win against your self by creating different challenges or use other peoples. E.g. Asylum challenge.:eek:. This is a game to explore your imagination. And with imagination there are no winners. :) When a child plays with a dolls house who wins?
    Also you can do things that you would have liked in real life but could not afford it, or circumstances would not allow it. Like who wins in Sim City? :rolleyes: Or flight Simulator. :D

    Regards moon
  3. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    We have lots of threads with ideas for challenges, new ideas, and the like to keep the game interesting, but I wanted to say I'm not sure it needs a point. It's a fun way to waste time, just like a lot of games. Having said that, it's my favorite way to waste time, and it will keep surprising you with the many variations it allows. I like that there are so many different aspects you can explore, so many paths your sims can take. With Seasons you can grow a garden into a working farm. With OFB you can build a business dynasty. Your sims can be werewolves, vampires, plant people. Have robots, a toy business, twelve children. Go to college, or not. Fall in love for life or play the field. Become a ghost and scare the pants off the next generation. Remodel that cottage into a mansion. I occasionally get tired of the game but I always come back. I guess the point for me is, it's fun.
  4. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    I agree the game can get a bit repetitive and sometimes I go through phases when I don't feel like playing on the Sims anymore... But, like SBW, I always go back to it and there's always new things to find out.

    Like yesterday I tested the ReYeNu Programer or whatever it's called (the metal orb with lights on it that your sim sticks their head into). I've never done that before and I've got my first sim with the grilled cheese aspiration now--which is very amusing, by the way.

    Try new stuff out. Dare to do things you've never done before. Make a crazy house with a crazy family.. For me, something that always gets me playing the Sims is to write a story about it. I get lots of ideas. :rolleyes: And of course, there's the downloads. Downloads always get me playing again. :D
  5. suitemichelle

    suitemichelle Gramma's here!

    Actually some people play because they like to design clothes, houses, furniture etc. Some because they can interact in ways they wouldn't in real life. I mean doesn't your lot contain some gigalo or loose woman and you really aren't like that but how low can they go. I think the key word is play, it's just play. And there's way to little of that nowadays. Sims is kind of like you are the movie director and they have to do what you want (mostly).
  6. person123

    person123 Frumpy McDoogle!

    If you find it hard to stay interested after doing everything new EPs offer, maybe The Sims 2 doesn't really fit your gaming needs. :eek: Everyone likes something different, I suppose. The reason why we will play through a family for generations is because it's just fun. I guess there really is no 'point' to this game. However, like SBW said, you can find a lot of challenges over at the BBS--there's a subforum just for it, though I think it gets flooded with avatar contests very often. Me, I play legacy families all the time. It's one of the most popular challenges, and you can read about it at legacychallenge.com. When I'm not playing my legacy families, I usually take a break with my simself's house, or I make a new family and play them for a while.
  7. Ruzz

    Ruzz New Member

    What are downloads all about? I've never bothered to really look into it because of one, laziness >_> and i'm afraid of bugs and glitches it may bring into the game.

    Anyway, guys, I think the main lacking is the lack of online interaction in Sims. It would be awesome if we could actually go online. *click on passing player sim - Ask for public WooHoo...processing...Rejected.* :rolleyes:
  8. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    LOL, Ruzz, different downloads give different things. You can download nice clothes, elf ears, objects, floors, walls, interesting skins, etc. The list can go on forever. Find a trustworthy download site and download to your hearts desire...

    I'd recommend mod the sims 2 if you're lookin' for stuff to download. It has heaps of stuff and some of the things you'll find will amaze the heck outa you. ;) If it's bugs and stuff you're worried about, I don't think you'll have much problems with MTS2. At least I haven't--and I've downloaded A LOT of stuff from there.

    We also have a Favourite Download Sites thread in the Community Discussion forum here at WS. :)
  9. person123

    person123 Frumpy McDoogle!

    Maxis did make a The Sims Online, but it wasn't very popular...I never really looked into it. However, you probably wouldn't like it since it is modeled after The Sims 1, which is like living in the Stone Age compared to The Sims 2. I started playing TS1 again a while ago, and it amazed me how much computer technology has advanced in the past eight years...
  10. Peati

    Peati Mountain Biker Maniac

    The thing that always keeps me on sims are the genetics, and, like SWB said, all the different paths your sm can take! I love to mess with genetics between CAS and Maxis sims, they can be very unpredictable... :rolleyes:
  11. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    LOL, you can say that again!

    I once made a sim marry Worthington Something the Third (he comes with university). I thought both of them were pretty OK looking... Not perfect but fairly every day looking, if you get me. ;) They had twins and both of them looked completely hideous. The boy looked like a pig with huge eyebrows. The girl looked like... well the moon man. Scary. :irked:
  12. Jiko

    Jiko Lab Specimen Collector

    I just dig the deep existential angst inherent in the original question here - what IS the point of getting born, growing up, falling in love, having a career, getting sick, getting old, getting rich or bored or happy or sad? And then dying? If I could design the game, I would add an aspiration for enlightenment or the option to have a religious vocation. Imagine nuns, lamas, ministers and mendicants wandering by - imagine all the new interactions like "Discuss meaning of life" and "worry over existence/nonexistence of separate self" and "confess sins" and all the ways those could affect relationships... why ARE we here??!
  13. Sacharissa

    Sacharissa New Member

    I love that idea! Good one, Jiko! It would add a whole new dimension to the game!
  14. sexierjess14

    sexierjess14 Depressed Soul

    I play sims2 because I love decorating/building my sims houses, especially with all those amazing custom content out there. Because in reality I dont have that much money to be able to renovate my house everyday. No 'motherlode' in reality :(
  15. Peati

    Peati Mountain Biker Maniac

    I know, that gets me too! It would be so much easier if we could just get what we want with the click of a button... but that would somewhat simplify our existence, wouldn't it? :rolleyes:

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