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Oct 22, 2010
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Hiya @Everborn !! Sep 13, 2014

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Apr 7, 2019
    1. JohnEZ
      sorry it took so long to get back to you, finals hath intervened. Anyway, I think we'll be able to announce the winner(s) and the new round tomorrow... :)
    2. teasingmeat
      School..a degree , a piece of paper telling people something , they should already know.
      Sims 3 ..New community will most likely have a broader adince..ages 11 to 51 + or -
    3. teasingmeat
      Not to bad , an you?
    4. teasingmeat
      Hi Josh..thought you might like my latest video..
      Beinghere By The Stills
      A Music Video by teasingmeat
      Hope you all enjoy this , as much as I did making it..
      Thanks free Music..
    5. teasingmeat
      I am so glad you are recovering.The flu can be a nasty thing to get rid of..
      What remades did you use..they say when you are not in a familiar place you get the acclamation of a plant..
    6. teasingmeat
      Not much Josh..I have made few new Videos , that's about it..
      And you..?
    7. SIMcredible'sPainter
      Hey Josh, I finally got around to registering here, I have been lurking for a long long time. [I]BTW[/I] I love how you used the camper graphic :)

    8. teasingmeat
    9. teasingmeat
      The program that the Sims was based from was a sharware program called Alice.
      was made for the School system..until Maxis got a hold of it..
      I DL to my old system , but we konw what happend with that one, so I will have to re-download it..was just getting into it before the crash..
      Ty TM1
    10. teasingmeat
      Thank you so much for all your help Josh....You know as good as you are at reading perl,and C++,and HTMl..we should have you design a game,What Game you ask..
      A cross between The Sims and GTA..blend them together and we would have a hit...
      Ty again Josh
      Your friend Marc
    11. teasingmeat
      dug around Utube,He has others, He is a real New kid on the block..Rock on Mark J..
      Mark-ie J., an Marc-ie K, an the Sim Bunch.."Wa-ah-ah-ah a-Ooo wa-ah-ah-ah..
    12. Bassoonist
      Well I know my desktop computer won't run it. My laptop probably wouldn't either, although I'm not 100% sure of that.

      I may have a friend make me a new desktop computer with his old parts (which are like 5 times better than anything in my laptop. XD). He did it for one of my other friends.
    13. Bassoonist
      Well the game looks awesome enough, but I don't know if I have the computer necessary to play it. =/
    14. Bassoonist
      It's going alright, I suppose. Just got home from being out with my friends.
    15. destiny9099
      I would like to move it however how do i delete it?
    16. teasingmeat
      Come to find out the motherboard only supported 3 gig's of ram an I used 4 gig's of ram..killed the memory,and the motherboard will never be the same..
    17. NatalFenix
      Hullo Josh!
      How are you doing today?:bigthumbsup:

      And what have you got planned :mischievous:
    18. NatalFenix
      Hey Josh!!
      your online I think?
      if so hows you man?
      See ya later
      when your not too busy maybe we can have a chat?
    19. NatalFenix
      Okay then Just name the time and place:D
      lol well not many options of places are there! either The Chatsite, Here
      or Msn?
      if you have or are willing to relay such personal and assume quite secretive information to me:rolleyes: LOL
      i can understand you being reticent about divulging such information
      I too am cautious and with good reason..
      so if your like that no worries! We could just chat on the 'ChatSite'
      i suppose

      Speak Soon Josh
    20. NatalFenix
      Hey Josh! aww that was so nice of you to say so Christy!:o
      and YEAH thanks Josh! It's been real kiff to get to know you and others through The Chat! so THANX A BILLION:D
      it's real Fun and imformative at the same time!
      Will you be BACK on soon sometime?
      alas I haven't been on lately due to "out-of-my-control cirumstances" :(
      but hoepfully will frequent more often when I can!
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