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Oct 22, 2010
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Hiya @Everborn !! Sep 13, 2014

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Apr 7, 2019
    1. NatalFenix
      Hey Josh! are you online on the chat thing now?
      LOL it's getting ..confusing again!
      and HEY btw ;)
    2. NatalFenix
      Wow TeasingMeat you did ALL that with the sims 2!
      Amazing Job Dude!
      i should really post this on your profile aah well
      Killer Saweet Vid man ;)
    3. chrst0322
      Thanks for the chat :-)Hope i didn't freak you out when i was having a laugh signing in with different usernames lol
    4. Nyx
      Thank you Josh! -Nyx/Elaina
    5. TheSidDog
      Got it. Thanks, Josh.
    6. teasingmeat
      Thank you Josh for the really cool comments,They mean allot.
      Ty Your friend Marc
    7. teasingmeat
    8. teasingmeat
      "Yep,Eggzie.Thanks Josh,so glad you like them.
      I am almost done with the EA Trip Video,and build
    9. teasingmeat
      You might recognize some of the Sims in this Video,will be using them in my next video
      My Trip To EA..
      let me get the videos right this one has the Sims you might remember from the camp
      [url=""]YouTube - A Sims2 Builders Worst Dream[/url]
    10. teasingmeat
      it's complete just have to put the finishing touches on it.I have uploaded a new Video and at the end there is a pic, of what it looks like,
      [url=""]YouTube - After Winter Dreams[/url]
      I am trying to complete a Sim Video, of the event as well..
    11. swmeek
      lol damn it's been so long since I started this I done forgot what it was we were talking about! danged oldentimers! :old:
    12. teasingmeat
      To many too mention,So I have decided to recreate the EA Creators Building,we worked at for the passed week,will upload to the exchange this weekend.I hope i am posting this in the right place.
      Ty again TM1
    13. VRevis
      Yeah, that's fine if he wants the pics. No prob.
    14. NatalFenix
      Thanks For Replying! ;)
      hope your stay was Super!
      bet it was and you guys made my week!
      and countless others no doubt!
      but those Podcasts really made me chuckle!
      thanks I needed a "pick me up!" in all i enjoyed them!
      see you Josh
    15. NatalFenix
      Oh yeah how DO I upload a REAL Pic of myself on here?
      under Avatars?
      can it be done?!
      I have seen others with their cats or dogs
      or do you have to be at a higher level to do so?

      P.S Understandably you may be quite busy ,for all i know you may still be there.. so No need to reply ASAP! though it would be much appreciated! ;)
      thanks in Advance.
    16. NatalFenix
      Hey Josh!
      says your online!
      Well are you still at EA HQ?
      or lounging cozily at home?
      Well I'll check for info as to what's happened today ...
      see ya
    17. NatalFenix
      ha ha okay then?:confused:
      i gues that IS satisfactory for me?:rolleyes:
      anyway your killer funny!:p you and that nameless girl(hint hint) and that awesome Kiff music at the intro of podcast2! so sweet!
      my sides ache still from your "performances":D

      P.S thanks for accepting my friend add!:)
      see ya
      and enjoy your last day there!
      Have FUN!
      as if you wouldn't ;)
    18. NatalFenix
      Wait in your Podcast you say "I refuse to comment on my age's because I am asian" your asian!? (not exactly what you said but yeah=D)
      i so would never have guessed that!
      lol not that it matters of course i Have many Multi Cultural Pals!
      um now i feel fake having to back up my opinion
      um lets Just leave it at that shall we?
      ..Awkward.. silence *cricket chirps*
      um yeah
    19. NatalFenix
      lol Josh thanks for the Reply!
      UM no it showed up today!
      odd too?
      anyway awesome PODCAST2! ur funnier than ever!
      and whoever that girl was in the background!
      see ya
    20. NatalFenix
      not working for me either SWMEEK =/ what happened to it Josh? it vanished!
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