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Jul 20, 2014 at 11:09 PM
Oct 22, 2010
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Tired, yet perky? Mar 12, 2012

ManagerJosh was last seen:
Jul 20, 2014 at 11:09 PM
    1. summer08
      hey could you help me? I posted a thread yesterday under troubleshooting for Sims2.
    2. swmeek
    3. swmeek
      Looks a l'il easier to get to. should do the trick for getting into TerraSpore.
    4. alliekat
      Hey Josh.
      Married life is good. I'm getting used to the idea now, so it's not so strange anymore. Geez I just realised I haven't been around for a while. I've been lurking, but have way to much homework to get into too many conversations right now. If I start back here, I'll never get work done lol. Hence the reason I no longer have Sims 2 on my puter anymore. It got a virus and I had it cleaned out, but have resisted putting Sims back on until semester break at least.
      Must go, have a seminar to go to today, which means a train ride to the city. I hate trains, but I hate driving in the city more.
      Later :)
    5. Odinmoon
      Was that the AI posts? :)
    6. maki
      simcity 4 will not start after secsusfull intalation saking to insert disc
    7. basicforsims
      Well - I do have my site. I might a few - but not all 600+. Is that what you mean? A few?
    8. andrewmcdias
      well i have in other threads but i still cannot in the one my thread is in
    9. JohnEZ
      I will call the name change kind of exciting :)
    10. JohnEZ
      Proceed--as more information becomes available.
    11. andrewmcdias
      Well Anyway I Cant Seem To Upload Any New Threads And Id Like To Add Someore Or Atleast Edit And Update The One I Have
    12. SolidSnake_19
      Hey there! :P

      They're doing pretty good actually - still working hard and keeping busy.
      Uh..? I'm not in Uni actually (?)
    13. babewithbrains_14
      Thanks for the congrats Joshy boy ;) I hadn't even noticed you know.
      And ty for the picture comment as well! :D
    14. babewithbrains_14
      I can see things have changed slightly. My gosh.
      Still same old SuperJosh running the forums though, eh? :p
    15. babewithbrains_14
      Omg, you have made me feel welcome :D
      I feel so loved!
      It's lovely to see that the same faces (usernames, even) are still here.
      So pleased to be back!!

      How's stuff with you?

    16. pikz
      Hi Josh,

      I require i lil assitance to posting few mod installation queries....I tried searching the supprt forums however could find the answers...
      Thanks in advance !!!
    17. babymarie
      hi josh,

      im new to this forum site, n i have no idea how can i post tha question onto forum i have been lookin for it, cause i wanna ask a question about tha new EA-land (tha sims online). please help me n i'd appreciate it thank u :)
    18. suitemichelle
      Hey Josh wazzup? Seriously I don't know whats going on but I am currently locked out of posting. Also can't access main sims2 site. however I do love the new video card and life without mass downloads, it's so much faster.
    19. alliekat
      Hi Josh! Or was it Manjo I saw :p
      Married life surprisingly hasn't changed much. I suppose it's the living together 2 and a 1/2 years beforehandthat hasn't helped :)
    20. muffin-tacos
      [COLOR=navy]Sure. New e-mail sent. Hopefully you'll get this one.[/COLOR]
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