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News “My momma says EA is for the devil” A tale of purchasing ‘The Sims 3′ used

Discussion in 'The Sims 3' started by Judhudson, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Judhudson

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    “My momma says EA is for the devil” A tale of purchasing ‘The Sims 3′ used

    [​IMG]It’s stories like the following that sets EA back a hundred steps when it feels like they paced forward.* The story below is of a user who purchased ‘The Sims 3′ used at their local Goodwill store.* Illegal?* You’d think not – after all, there is no warning on the back of the box that says Not for Resale.* But apparently EA Customer service thinks buying the game second-hand is for the devil.* They don’t want any of that…Oh no.

    The annoyed customer spent their time battling EA customer service trying to get their game activated, as supposedly another account already claimed the code.* EA’s response after a back-and-forth email battle?* Basically ‘tough ****, give us more money’.

    When I first explained my plight, the EA tech support representative offered me this option. Buy another, new copy of the game. “The Sims 3 is available in most major retailers or as a direct download!” he chirped. I then explained that my budget doesn’t really allow for a $49.99 game purchase, especially when I have a copy that I can play, but can’t register.

    You know…It’s not hard for EA just to pass them a new code.* But they’d rather look like dicks and get bad media coverage instead.* Sure, they’re not liable to hand out codes to those who purchase second hand…But you’d figure they’d at least have some sort of decancey and would like to get good press for a change.

    View the original article here.

    Thanks to Sims 3 Nieuws for the source of the story!
  2. swmeek

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    Using the words decency and EA in the same sentence usually just doesn't happen!

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