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Spore At your command!

Discussion in 'General Gaming Talk' started by kingofthenet, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. OverlordBill

    OverlordBill New Member

    Yeah. You're about ten years behind the true scene, and the commercialization of it. Taking your rather base comments one at a time...

    You're talking of torrents, and no. Spore will definitely not need torrents. Your creatures and cultures will all be Object Oriented, so only very tiny files will have to be transferred. Most likely only maps for where the body parts are and some things about the brain.

    I saw that guys site as well, too bad he was snatched up by another company. Blasted commercialism.

    The demoscenes. Yeah. Those are really cool. I have to say my favorite is Sonnet, but making those 64K movies take an incredibly long time. It's all math based, and Spore will most likely be more traditional than all of that. Equations are awful to figure out.

    Really, torrents are slower than downloading files off of servers unless there are about five people with a T3 connection. And that's rare. For your normal torrent file, you'll see probably 30k a second on any normal cable modem. Dial up people won't see a difference from a server download at all.
  2. HCantu99

    HCantu99 New Member

    At your command!

    At first, I had thought that such a game - on that scale and scope - would be almost impossible to make.

    But with all this technology out there (and who knows what other technology besides), it's really encouraging - not to mention that Will Wright already gave a demo of parts of it and we already have a few images of the game.

    It seems like there definitely is a plan and the tools to do this and this might become a reality very soon.

    Still. . . amazing! I never would have thought it possible.

    Thanks for the answer! :D

  3. kingofthenet

    kingofthenet New Member

    The main problem that Spore creators faced is not the technology, it's the way it's going to function in the game, the dynamic moves of each creature, the way the servers' gonna understand the next object your'e "world" is going to need, those were some of the hurdels Wrights' fellows had to come over ;)

  4. K.A.L.

    K.A.L. Guest

    I was wondering about creatures, would it be possible to create Krystal from StarFox Adventures, you know the blue fox with the puffy tail and the staff? :blush:

    Also, how will I be sure on how my creature will look like the one I have in mind? I could be aiming for a mammal but end up with a lizard. :laughing2:

    And can you actually create things like wepons without an expensive photoshop? It really ticked me off when in the sims 2 you needed a good photoshop to create a simple tee! :banghead: :angry:
  5. kingofthenet

    kingofthenet New Member

    Blue fox, puffy tail...hmmm...seems possible when you can even put 66 beaks in one creature? ;)

    You can actually edit/set your creatures' look AFTER he evolved from a cell to more advanced level of his evoulotion.

    I'm not even sure you needed photoshop to create things for the sims, there is alot of alternatives, as for your main question, i really have no idea, know that you will have the ability to create weapons with alot of built in tools, but more advanced customization will probably need a graphics editing program, like GIMP (Free! :D )

  6. MrErops

    MrErops New Member

    I think the game will be out at Q1 or Q2 or 2006. :D

    1st question---What do you think the specs of the game will be?

    2nd question---How muc money do you think it will cost? (In American currency)
  7. kingofthenet

    kingofthenet New Member

    Probably the same as The Sims 2 specs, or abit higher, nothing too fancy..

    I don't really know, maybe around $40-$45 :blush:

  8. MrErops

    MrErops New Member

    That was fast...thanks.. :D
  9. OverlordBill

    OverlordBill New Member

    You're going to need a good graphics card, with Texture and Lighting support probably. Then I'd say 256 RAM, maybe less. Object Oriented Programming and all that. Processor... midrange. 2.0+ GHz. Give or take .5 GHz I'd guess.

    As for a release date, the game will most likely be finished by 3rd quarter this year. Now putting it into production may take a bit of time. I'm sticking by Christmas this year, without any unexpected engine overhauls.
  10. MrErops

    MrErops New Member

    I plan on buying a new computer soon, one that will be good. Any suggestions on what to buy? :confused:
  11. OverlordBill

    OverlordBill New Member

    Well, if you were clever enough you could build your own. Next step down would be something from Alienware. And then possibly a Dell Ultimate Gaming PC or whatever it is they're calling them these days.
  12. MrErops

    MrErops New Member

    I was thinking of buying an aleinware, is the Nivdia Gforce 6800 good or is there a better one? :D
  13. K.A.L.

    K.A.L. Guest

    Can you make self rebroducting creatures? ( aka no woohoo to have a baby ;) ) I only want women in my culture, amazons. I was thinking of a ceremony for my creatures where they can choose to have a baby or not. ( I don't want any mating, and also, I can't imagine male blue foxes with fluffy tails :laughing2: )
  14. MrErops

    MrErops New Member

    That sounds like a good idea. :D I hope they include that. :smile:
  15. kingofthenet

    kingofthenet New Member

    It may be possible, i really don't know the answer for this question :smile:

  16. OverlordBill

    OverlordBill New Member

    Then why are you answering?

    Using the old noggin again, I can't imagine that the game would make you create a creature with a male anatomy and a female anatomy. Not to mention that that would push the game up to a Mature rating immediately. My best guess is all the creatures will look the same physically, maybe with different coloring for male and female, maybe if you click on one a menu will pop up giving you facts. As in what gender it is, how old the creature is, that sort of thing.

    I've already heard that your creatures can reproduce through eggs and live birth, so possibly asexual too. At the lowest stages of life, asexual reproduction is a must. But for more complex organisms asexual reproduction weakens the gene pool, making the species susceptible to disease. So since it seems Spore will follow biological rules of the real world (or so I've read), I think it more likely your creatures won't just wake up pregnant one day.
  17. MrErops

    MrErops New Member

    *starts to clap* Nice info, nice info. :D
  18. K.A.L.

    K.A.L. Guest

    Dude, I meant that they could stand on a special platform to have a kid. DUH! :rolleyes:
  19. Night Angel

    Night Angel New Member

    Can you make a planet made of gems? I saw the Will's planet and I really don't want my planet looking like earth.
  20. OverlordBill

    OverlordBill New Member

    If the entire planet were made of diamonds, why would they have any worth? All the planets will be made up of dirt, I can be reasonably sure of stating. The face of the planet, namely craters, oceans and forests will undoubtedly be generated by the computer, and I'm sure with higher levels of technology you can terraform it to look even more different.

    Black and White 2 is supposed to start with islands that already have a shape, but with different miracles you can make volcanoes that spew lava and stay there when the animation is done. We'll most likely see something to that effect with Spore, just at a less detailed scale where every drop of lava isn't accounted for.

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