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Beanstalks in Makin Magic

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by Crazy13, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. latmere1

    latmere1 Blah Blah

    how do u make them climb beanstalks
  2. mandolyn

    mandolyn New Member

    How tall is tall?

    Well, I have about five or six beanstalks growing in my yard in Magic Town and two of them are taller than my two story house with the tallest roofline, so how tall do they have to be in order to climb them? Who's climbed theirs and what will they look like once you CAN climb them? Will the top disappear in the clouds or above the screens' vision? It would help my patience a little if I knew what to look for so that I can continue preoccupying myself in the meanwhile. :confused:
  3. brambosgirl

    brambosgirl New Member

    Where do I find the beanstalks?

    How do you get beanstalks in your yard on a creepy hollow lot? I can't find them anywhere and I really want to grow one!!!:(

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