How Do I Can I move my movies out of Sims 2 under docs without hurting anything?

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by lorelei92950, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    Can I move my movies out of Sims 2 under docs without hurting anything?

    I've been copying all my Sims 2 stuff to an extra big dvd for a while. Now tonight it said there was not enough room. I'm thinking it is my videos, which I have about 800! I've been backing them up from time to time separately to a CD, but they are still in there. So tonight I've been going through them to sort them and get rid of ones that are not that good. Still I'm wondering if I actually moved them separately to the DVD it would give me the room I need to copy everything else to the DVD, but would it hurt the game? I never access them from the game, I go into my computer files to get them and watch them.
  2. Flameback777

    Flameback777 Josh's Servant Staff Member

    Moving them is fine. It won't do any damage.
  3. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

    I think you'd be better off going with a usb zip stick at least you'd be able to delete anything off of it you suddenly didn't want anymore (that's just me though and there's nothing wrong with your method either) if it came to that .
  4. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    One more question: if I move the movies, do I need to move each movie and leave "Movies" there for future movies? I figure it's okay to have nothing in "movies" but I still need a place for future movies to automatically go. (Obviously I'll have to be more judicious over which or how many movies movies I make).
  5. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    I have what I think you're referring to as a zip stick, but when I insert it I can never find where it is in the computer (I hate this new computer). I have like 6 different drives listed, but only really have C, D, My Book external drive and when I use it, the zip stick. Meanwhile my computer lists all these other things (which it shows as empty). I have no idea. I think I hate Vista.
  6. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

    If you're not sure with the zip stick open up my computer and leave it open then stick in the stick and you should see the drive show up.
    It should come up asking you what you want to do with the files and/or what program you want to take action with the files.
    I'm not a 100% sure but I think the game will generate a new movies folder if you remove the old one when you record a new movie.

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