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Troubleshooting ctrl + shift + C will not work

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by Xzoa, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Xzoa

    Xzoa New Member

    ctrl + shift + C will not work

    I uninstalled the Sims 2 from my computer to reset the game and start fresh, now when I install it, including the patch for Windows Vista the ctrl + shift + c command will not work. The rest of the game runs perfectly, my system requirements are adequate and I have been running the game for several years. Is there any way to fix this as I find the game useless without that option simply for getting Sims moved into houses.
  2. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    The most common reason for that to happen is for there to be a competing program which also uses that. The most common one is something about PC Health. If you have something like that installed on your computer, it over-rides the cheat box code so that it can't be used in the game.

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