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Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by yoshi_mon, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. yoshi_mon

    yoshi_mon New Member

    Custom Houses

    I have made a few houses that I thought others might like so I threw them up on a website here.

    It is kinda annoying however that if you install a custom house you can only use it once before you have to reinstall it. And you have to totally exit the Sims to do it. :|
  2. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    Cool! :D I saved the re-worked townhouse, I think it looks like a better layout for the floorplan but keeps the look of the house, which I love!
  3. Rhaevyn

    Rhaevyn New Member

    Yoshi, why do you have to reinstall the houses? I plan on downloading player made houses and am hoping that there is a workaround for this, if what you say happens to me. You say you can enter the house and then you have to exit the game and reinstall the house? Very odd, could you explain exactly what happens when you install these houses that lets you know you have to reinstall the house?

    Thanks for the info.
  4. ijRoberts

    ijRoberts New Member

    What I would do is just install the 'package' file a couple times to get more than one of the house in the bin. Then, if you like it, you can put it in however many neighborhoods you want it in (just double click the package file as many times as you want that house).

    If you don't like it after checking it out, delete them out of the bin. Or place them, and bulldoze them.

    No sense in exiting and restarting the game all to just add in another house.
  5. Orion

    Orion New Member


    I re-created my real life home (as close as I could) and myself (also the best I could) and my real wife (the best I could). I have all the rooms minus the closets. I put the toilet, sink, bathtub, coupboards, frig, dish washer and stove where they actually are. I even put trees in the yard close to the kind and where they actually are and side walks but no driveway. I have the deck at the back of my house the way it is. I wish we could buy sim cars to drive ourselves to work. I'm doing fine though with a helecopter picking me up for work. My sim self and wife also have 2 children which I don't actually have in real life but that's as close to actually having children that I want to get.
  6. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    Whoohoo! Recreating your real life house and family/friends is always fun! I'd love to see a screenshot of how yours turned out, sounds neat! :D
  7. yoshi_mon

    yoshi_mon New Member


    Just to update, I've posted 2 new houses here.

    As far as why the program only lets you use a custom installed house only once I have no clue why.
  8. ijRoberts

    ijRoberts New Member

    As I said in the post above, you don't only have to install it once.

    Double click your downloaded file as many times as you want to get that many copies... It's rather easy.
  9. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    So this means you get ONE copy of the house to use in the bin EACH time you install that house file to your game, but you can install the file several times to get several copies of the house in your bin?
  10. Jakethedane

    Jakethedane Man of the world

    Did you say helicopter?

    What do I have to do to get picked up in a helicopter? PLease tell me! NOW!...please?
    Oh, and speaking about houses: In sims as well as in sims2 its not that easy to get a house for 20000 if you are a famlu of 4. Well, I cracked it! Buy the smallest plot of land, build directly on the ground, no foundation, Make 2 bedrooms each 4x4, one bathroom with the cheapest appliances, one fridge, one counter to prepare food on and a microwave. Then have them move in. Get the pafrents to get jobs in like the army or something wellpaid, hone their skills the first day, while the kids are at school, and suddenly youre making money.
    tried it with 2 parents and 3 kids. When they moved in, I had 3 simoleons left.

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