downloads for life

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by melodyecho, May 23, 2006.

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    downloads for life

    I have just started playing the sims 1 again. when I played before I had downloaded a program where my sim would shower and it would rejuvinate his/her life and attitude, hunger etc. I can no longer find this site can anyone help please.:confused:

    many thanks

  2. Condraz23

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  3. Grotus

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    I don't know where the shower you're thinking of is. However, this site:

    Has a mirror that does the same thing. Go to the site and look at the "Bar" sets for Sims 1. There is a set called "House of Acid Nation". It's the 4th set on the list.

    (I think this link might take you right to the set:(

    Anyway, scroll down the list of objects and find the funny shaped yellow mirror. You have to have the "Hot Date" expansion pack for it to work. If you don't have "Hot Date" then I don't know of anything else that will do the same thing.

    Oh yeah, the 5th "Bar" set is called "Black Mamba" It's like "House of Acid Nation" but it's black. There is a similar black mirror there too.
  4. jupitershana

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    Watch the dates please Grotus. This thread was almost a year and a half old since someone last posted on it. Likely they have found what they are looking for or don't visit here anymore.

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