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News (Germany) Gamescom 2010 – Be a Sims VIP

Discussion in 'The Sims 3' started by Judhudson, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Judhudson

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    (Germany) Gamescom 2010 – Be a Sims VIP


    EA’s giving 10 people the chance to be a Gamescom 2010 VIP and go behind the scenes to talk to and greet the Sims 3 Developers and other EA employees.* Details below:

    Win one of 10 VIP packages!

    On Aug 18, it’s that time again.*The world’s biggest video games fair opens its gates in Cologne (LOL), and shows all over the world to 22.08.*what awaits us in the computer games sector in the near future everything.*Of course there are EA and The Sims represented and there will be many new things to explore and play games.

    At gamescom EA invites*again this year many community representatives and fan sites for Gamescom offers them exclusive interviews and presentations directly with game developers, which will be personally be on site.*This year there is also a chance for you to be part of one of these presentations, and many exclusive news about upcoming Sims games directly to learn first-hand.*You also have the opportunity while many other community guests to meet and get to know.

    Here’s how:

    Show us that you’re a big Sims fan (Easy as PIE!), and answer our three questions about the sims*(More PIE!).*Among all the correct entries, we are giving away 10 VIP packages, each with a ticket to the gamescom 2010 and a VIP pass, may, with the winners taking part in the exclusive producer-presentation. Are you a superfan?*Show it to us.*Good luck!*:)

    (Translated by Google)

    Thanks to iSims for the Tip!


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