Guess Who's NOT Next!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by djrules5454, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. lewdini

    lewdini Moderate Sith Lord

    Right on!

    I guess swmeek wont be after me!
  2. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    Correct! :D

    I'm guessing that Judhudson won't be next. :p
  3. djrules5454

    djrules5454 Wiivolutionary

    Correct! (I hope Josh doesn't mind me reviving my own game... I'll start a new version of it if I have to).

    My guess is that hugzncuddles won't be next.
  4. wishfulanthony

    wishfulanthony A Proud San Franciscan

    That's right, and I'm back... stronger as ever!

    I hope lewdini will not be the next one... :p
  5. Nope - not Lew - but lil old me. :D

    I hope Hugz wont be next...
  6. Helén

    Helén Posting Queen

    No. Not Hugs - me again.

    I bet Josh isn't next... or?

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