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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by babewithbrains_14, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. babewithbrains_14

    babewithbrains_14 The Offtopic Queen!!!


    Remember me? Please say you do. It's been a while, I know. But I like to think I had positive influence on these here forums (*this here forum?) back in the day.

    I hope you remember me.. legends you are! Kristal, Mirelly, SBW, Lynet.. all of you, yes?

    What's been going on? Update me.

    I've missed you all.

    I'm back.
  2. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    Welcome back, babe! Yes I remember you - though I returned at around the time when you disappeared, lol. What have you been up to since you were last here? :)
  3. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    Hey, babe! I've seen your posts here and there in old threads on the forums. I'm newish so you won't know me, but here's hoping we can get to know each other. You're really funny BTW. I was reading one of your posts some time ago and it had me rolling around on the floor laughing, I swear. :D
  4. babewithbrains_14

    babewithbrains_14 The Offtopic Queen!!!

    Oh! This is wonderful. Babe, gone but not forgotten aye? :D

    nice to meet you Muffin! Or Tacos? You pick.

    Hugz, look at you! All staffed up.

    Ooh, I feel all emotional.

    Hm. Well, it's been 2 years like.. so there's quite a lot of stuff that's happened.
    At the minute I'm in my first year at college, which i well love! So many new people, it's amaze. It's where I've met my boyfriend of 2 months, Ben :D and I'm studying English Lit, English Lang, Media Studies and Modern History.
    I'm making an attempt at learning to drive (in fact, I've just gotten in from my second lesson) which I just CANNOT do. Seriously, I nearly crashed. Life flashing before my eyes and all that lark. Still shaking slightly now. Heaven knows what my instructor thinks. On the plus side, my stalling seems to have been reduced. (y)
    This is perhaps the most intriguing and dramatic thing that's happened..
    I'm building bonds with my secret almost long-lost brother (Chris) and sister (Terri) and stepmum (Gill). It turned out that I'm a secret love child, the product of an illicit affair! Oh mercy. It's rather long and complicted, full story shall happily be posted on request.
    So therefore I'm uber glam (well, uber glam for a Salford girl that can't drive) and slightly forbidden - the girl that should have never been. :p
    I've changed a fair bit tbh. Total indie kid who is very very happy. I'm all generic now.. underage drinking (come on, I'm 17), late coursework submits, Topshop and gigs.
    Still rockin' the perms though, obvv.

    What's been going on with you!?
    Sharing is fun.


  5. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    I'm glad you're doing great -- and congrats on the boyfriend of 2 months! (Do you say congrats to that sorta thing? Heh.. You get what I mean, right?)

    Everybody calls me Muffin. So muffin it is. Though tacos is cool with me too (and yummy). :)
  6. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    OMG!!! BABZ!!!!!! *HUGZ*

    WELCOME BACK!! It's soooooo great to see you again!

    Don't you ever disappear like that on us again!! :D :D :D :D :ducks:
  7. babewithbrains_14

    babewithbrains_14 The Offtopic Queen!!!

    Thanks for the congrats, Muffin. :D

    And OMG Josh.

    I feel so welcome!
  8. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    how could we not forget you? :D
  9. muffin-tacos

    muffin-tacos Queen of Xeex

    LOL Josh!! :rotfl:

    I'm sure you mean how could we not remember you?
  10. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    Curse me for my lack of sleep!!!!

  11. sailorchiiavalon

    sailorchiiavalon Addicted to Sims 2!

    Welcome back Babe.

    Congratulations on the boyfriend ;)
  12. babewithbrains_14

    babewithbrains_14 The Offtopic Queen!!!


    I thought Josh was just being mean to poor little me.

  13. sailorchiiavalon

    sailorchiiavalon Addicted to Sims 2!

    Josh is just joshing :p (no pun intended)
  14. jupitershana

    jupitershana Kitty Fanatic!

    WHOOHOO!!!! Babe is back too! What a great day! I come in to find Hugz has resolved the ISP issue, Odin is recovering and back, and now you!!!! I'm so excited to see you back hun. I was thinking about you the other day when I was going through member profiles! We missed you and your crazy stories! Congrats on the boyfriend too by the way!
  15. babewithbrains_14

    babewithbrains_14 The Offtopic Queen!!!

    Omg how I've missed you m'dear!
    Eeh. Brighten my day right up you lot do. It's not been too great, my friends got moved away from me in Media because I talk too much. :rolleyes::eek:
    Also had a scary letter from work demanding I go to a meeting on Wednesday with my area manager. :eek:!
  16. jupitershana

    jupitershana Kitty Fanatic!

    LOL...why does that NOT surprise me. :rolleyes: Oh dear, you can chat it up as much as you want here.

    And because I need to brag...did you see my wedding pictures yet??? :D
  17. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    Hi Babe!

    You were definitely missed. So glad you're back. :D

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