Troubleshooting If I load the Double Deluxe Exp Pack will it goof up my Sims 2 basic ?

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by lorelei92950, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    I have been unable to get Nightlife that works on Vista but I just found one today in Double Deluxe. I also got Celebration stuff with that. Trouble is the third thing is Sims 2 basic game. Of course I already have that--so if I upload this exp pack, will it screw up my game? I've added other combination packs that had an expansion pack that I already had and it said do you want to skip this or something to that effect (Mansions and Gardens). But that was just an expansion pack, not the game itself.
  2. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    I suspect it would not do a good thing to install Double Deluxe on top of the base game. Take your TS2 file and put it on the desktop, then uninstall everything and reinstall using Double Delux instead of the base game. Then, you can put your TS2 file back in and play.
  3. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    Can I still add all my expansions? In what order? I already have Sims 2 and some of the expansion packs on my desktop. I guess they are shortcuts, they appeared automatically when I added them. According to the directions, if I move the Sims 2 file to the desktop then that will screw up everything according to the directions which say don't put it in the same folder.

    Or do you just mean move the EA Games under Program (not Documents)? Or should I just uninstall all of it then reinstall one disc at a time? I think that might be better? I had to uninstall all of them once before but I lost all my Sims then, because I didn't back up the right files. I used the discs to reinstall everything except I forgot the Holiday exp pack. Then I had to try to recreate my Sims again. Of course they don't look exactly the same and I lost their children and grandchildren. I couldn't have created reasonable facsimiles but at that time I didn't know I could make children from two adults in Create Sims.

    I'm terrified of losing my Sims. I've backed them up on flash drives, I just hope I'm doing it correctly. Documents-->EA Games. When I look inside the EA Games it's not like I can see my Sims so I just don't know if they really are there--although I once hit "move" instead of "copy". I realized what I had done immediately and had to reinstall them from the flash drive and everything was okay. Sorry this is so long :(
  4. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    I'm not talking about the shortcut. That's not the file. The file is under Documents/EA Games. Move the whole The Sims 2 file onto the desktop. It's what you should be doing whenever you add a new expansion pack or put in a patch. It's also what should be backed up. (The only other files are on the direct C drive. You only mess with that for the occasional mod and even then, those mods are usually not the best things for your game as they tend to be "global.")

    Before you install the big pack, uninstall everything. Then start afresh with the new Double Delux. Then put your EPs in one by one, in the order that they came out. Don't forget to update/patch.
  5. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    What I do always back up before adding packs or patches, but what I back up is is Documents/EA Games, which not only has The Sims 2 in it, it also has The Sims 2 Store Edition (I didn't put it there, that's just where the game put it I guess).

    I'm confused anyway when they say backup to the desktop. Since I first got Sims 2 (and if you think I'm dumb now about Sims 2 and computers I was much worse then), I have backed up to desktop a number of times and so I don't want to back up something to there any more. I already don't know which ones on the desktop I could possibly delete without screwing up my game. I THINK they are all shortcuts except for two folders; one says EA Games and the other says The Sims 2. That's why I started using flashdrives for backups rather than the desktop. They work way better, at least for me.

    Also I have two or three collection packs I use, so I would not know what order to add them in. I can list what I have. I was wondering about patches. Do I remove the ones I have now? Then I add each patch as I add the exp pack, I believe?

    Here are the packs I have installed right now:

    The Sims 2 Holiday Edition (the basic TS2 in that is what I've always used--currently I do not have the holiday stuff loaded)

    Sims 2 Freetime

    Sims 2 Seasons

    Sims 2 Bon Voyage

    Sims 2 University Life Collection (includes Ikea Home Stuff, Teen Style Stuff and University)

    Sims 2 Best of Business Collection (Includes Open for Business, HM Fashion Stuff and Kitchen & Bath Stuff)

    Sims 2 Ikea Home Stuff

    Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff

    Here are the ones I want to install:

    TS2 Double Deluxe (includes basic TS2, Celebration Stuff, and Nightlife)

    Sims 2 Fun with Pets (includes Mansion & Garden Stuff, Sims 2 Pets and Family Fun Stuff)

    Sims 2 Apartment Life

    I really am sorry to be such a pain :(
  6. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    Okay, if I uninstall the stuff I have on there (after backing up my game to a flashdrive (Documents-->EA Games), when I want to put them all back in I think I have to install them in the order they were released? (Although I added them out of order and it didn't hurt anything). My original game was TS2 Holiday Edition which included TS2 Happy Holiday Stuff Pack. If I use the Double Deluxe instead can I just add the disc that is the Holiday Stuff Pack? Also, if I'm trying to install the packs in order, I won't be able to do that with the collection packs; they will just go in all 3 together. Will that work?
  7. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    Anyone? I'd delete this thread and start over asking one question at a time so it is clearer but I can't do that. I just need someone to read my last post and see if I'm making sense.
  8. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

  9. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    Thanks swmeet, that helps. I have a couple other related questions but I'll post them in different threads.
  10. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    er, that would be swmeek :(
  11. Nyx

    Nyx The Ever-Knowing

    hahaha...that's new. :p
  12. lorelei92950

    lorelei92950 Member

    Two of the links on that site are broken, Patches and "this page":

    "Where can I find patches for The Sims 2?

    All patches are on the official website: Patches. The Pets Bodyshop Patch can be obtained from this page."

    But some of the other links regarding lost custom content will be helpful. Unfortunately I will need those patches that would have been listed at "Patches". There is so much involved in adding the last three exp packs (last 3 for me anyway), uninstalling and installing and patches, I'm really nervous that I will screw up everthing, on the other hand I can't stand not having Nightlife, Pets and Apartment Life lol
  13. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

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