News IGN breaks down the Karma Powers for The Sims 3 on Consoles (pics & videos)

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    IGN breaks down the Karma Powers for The Sims 3 on Consoles (pics & videos)

    IGN has published a list as well as new videos and images of the various Karma Powers found in The Sims 3 for consoles.* Some of these look to be very entertaining, but will the game continue to have replay value much like it’s PC counterpart?* Only time will tell.

    video uploaded to YouTube courtesy of InfiniteSims

    Good Karma Powers

    • Divine Intervention – Lose a Sim to death and want to bring back his or her ghost? Now, you can.
    • Get Lucky – Give your Sim a higher chance of succeeding with socials, woohoo, raises, promotions, fishing and more.
    • Good Times – Remove all bad “moodlets” from an entire household and good times are sure to be had.*
    • Instant Beauty – A chance to fix those physical features that just aren’t quite right. And then fix them again and again and again. This opens Create a Sim so you can edit facial and body features.
    • Super Satisfy – Immediately fulfills all of your Sims’ needs. Your Sim feels completely invigorated and is ready to face the future with newfound hope.
    • Giant Jackpot – Shower your Sims with money and help the household gain wealth. Greed can be fun, but it can also haunt your Sim.*
    • Stroke of Genius – Accelerate your Sims’ skill gain like their cooking, logic or athleticism.*
    • Miracle Fix – Break your favorite shower or just want a clean house with the snap of a finger? This power will fix that right up for you and more.

    Bad Karma Powers

    • Cosmic Curse – Cast instant doom upon any Sim. This curse depletes all of the target Sims’ needs.
    • Quake Maker – Terrify Sims with an earthquake, breaking objects and creating trash.*
    • Epic Fail – Any Sims’ worst nightmare; curse any Sim with clumsy fingers and watch chaos ensue. It might be best to cast it in their house and not yours. Make Sims fight, have gas, get demoted or fired, break things, cause fires, and more.
    • Fire Storm – Drop fireballs onto a location to cause destruction and mayhem.*
    • Poltergeist – Make ghosts appear to haunt Sims.

    (Icons provided by SimFans)​

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


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