Last time you?

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by sims2, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. sims2

    sims2 New Member

    (LOL no i mean this other game, LIKE bowling hehe.)

    Dnt remember.

    Last time you listened to music?
  2. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    Right now! I have a playlist running the entire time I'm at the computer. :)

    When was the last time you watched a cartoon on TV?
  3. sims2

    sims2 New Member

    =D hmm ages ago!!

    Last time you bought something really expensive?
  4. SolidSnake_19

    SolidSnake_19 Senior Moderator

    Depends on wdhat really expensive is. The last thing I bought that was over $200 would be my Wii just a few days ago. But if you mean even more than that I'd say my truck (a couple months ago).

    Last time you've been in an airplane?
  5. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    July 12th/13th 2005 - flying back to the UK from the USA. *sigh* It was a month long trip, 7 flights in all, met SimMasterFrannie and missunderstood1 from Simschat (Solid, dunno if you remember missunderstood1? ). Prolly the last time I will ever step foot on a plane again due to fears of terror attacks. :(

    When was the last time you dialled a wrong number on the phone?
  6. sims2

    sims2 New Member

    Never i dont think LOL!
    last time you went to a really hot place?
  7. hataz_gon_hate

    hataz_gon_hate Be Nice

    Everyday is a hot place here. LOL

    Last time you bought something expensive?
  8. sims2

    sims2 New Member


    Cant remember.
    Last time you bought shoes?
  9. hataz_gon_hate

    hataz_gon_hate Be Nice

    hmm. Like last June?

    Last time you hit someone in the face?
  10. sims2

    sims2 New Member

    I barely remember ever doing so..probably ages ago if i did LOL!

    Last time you replied to this thread last time?
  11. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    22nd November at 1.22pm :p

    When was the last time you ate pasta?
  12. sims2

    sims2 New Member

    Hmm i dont like it so it would have been ages ago hehe.

    Last time you listened to dance music?
  13. hataz_gon_hate

    hataz_gon_hate Be Nice

    Music that made me dance? right now.

    Last time you watched something not kiddie-friendly?
  14. sims2

    sims2 New Member

    (Dance as in a artist of music, like pop and rap, dance is another lol)
  15. alliekat

    alliekat Insert quirky comment

    Last night. Weeds is on TV here at the moment. So not kiddie friendly that one!!

    Last time you had a banana split?
  16. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    Sometime just before Christmas.

    Last time you played Sims 2?
  17. djrules5454

    djrules5454 Wiivolutionary

    In early August of 2006. I've been busy with school and all my other games since then. (25 PC games) I also have a Wii now, so it will probably be at least another year before I play again. (Zelda: Twilight Princess and Call of Duty)

    Last time you saw a Nintendo brand video game system in person?
  18. Jazz

    Jazz Vintage User

    oh yeah i got a Wii, i was dissapointed with Call of Duty, too hard for me to play :eek:
    Zelda though, :bigthumbsup: A+
    O.K. gotta stay on topic. Hmm don't think i can answer that question.
    Last time you sang along with a tune on the radio.
  19. SolidSnake_19

    SolidSnake_19 Senior Moderator

    A couple of days ago.

    Last time you played a board game?
  20. Jazz

    Jazz Vintage User

    two days ago (checkers)

    last time you had coke out of a glass bottle.

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