Looking for sims 1 downloads

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by simplybrandy, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. simplybrandy

    simplybrandy New Member

    Looking for sims 1 downloads

    In particular, I am looking for some canning stations that I saw before, but can't find now. Can anyone help?:confused:
  2. Gallagher

    Gallagher New Member

    July 2006 - Sim 1 links, free downloads.

    ( Webpage owner is bi-lingual in French & English, but has the best stuff.)

    Even though this Sims 1 site, is Mac Friendly - This Webpage has some decent links to other friendly Sims 1 sites.

    Some of my favorates are :

    * Test a couple of pieces of furniture out first in the game...

    One particular set I downloaded, was for a Sim Child - called the ABC bedroom set. This one wasn't designed right and morphed into some kind of clothing dresser.

    I feel that Sims 1 - still has some exciting surprises. How characters have interacted with each other, creates some bizarre behavior moments. Bette Newbie has a habit of barging into my other Sim Neighboors houses, and in her thought balloons has nothing good to say... a real grouchy sim.

    T. Gallagher
  3. zerowarrior

    zerowarrior New Member

    thanks for the links, i have all expansion for the sims 1 i don't have sims 2 yet, me waiting to get money, my mom said i can get them late christmas gifts end of jan.
  4. ThE_SiMs_2_GiRl

    ThE_SiMs_2_GiRl New Member

  5. burntcore

    burntcore New Member

    I'm so glad I found this forum. I dusted off the Sims 1 the other day for the first time in over a year. I hadn't played it much since my old computer died and I lost alot of awesome downloads, some of which I don't think I'll ever get back. Not to mention houses I built that all got lost. I'mg oing to have to earmark this thread so I can go back through the links provided.

    Thanks :) :D

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